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The university trains open-minded researchers, managers at different levels, top-class professionals for major corporations and industrial enterprises, banking and consulting organizations, venture companies and small business.

Leading Scientific Schools

  • Algebra
  • Astronomy
  • Geology
  • Linguistics
  • Microbiology
  • Resonance Properties of Condensed Media
  • Chemistry

Supplementary Education Programs

  • Special Russian language program
  • Individual study placement
  • Exchange programs
  • Summer and winter Russian language & culture schools

Tuition fee 1,700 — 5,000 USD


The postgraduate student at the Institute of Chemistry Amine Khelkhal (Batna, Algeria), who won a KFU grant for international postgraduate students, is working on a thesis on non-conventional methods of oil field development “Kinetics of catalytic oxydation of heavy crude oils” and is helping Russia solve the problem of import substitution studying in-situ combustion processes and development of novel catalysts. Amine Khelkhal is not only pursuing his degree but also is engaged in the In-situ Combustion project of the Competitiveness Enhancement Program.

Pardo Quintero Luis Ricardo, Colombia

As I’m from Latin America, where it’s always warm, it was a bit difficult for me to adapt to Russia, where the weather can be very unpredictable. But I got used to it bit by bit. Everything else is just excellent.

I’m studying at the medical faculty of KFU, and I like my educational program. The university has good infrastructure, comfortable dormitories. The international student support service works very well, we always get all necessary information and assistance quickly. The university leads a very active life, students don’t get bored during non-study time, and they are often offered free tickets to various entertainment events.

Advanced Programs 2020

1. Pre-University Training Program (10 Months) ≈ ₽ 116,000

5 Areas Of Study:

  • humanities
  • economics
  • natural sciences
  • engineering
  • medicine and biology

2. Oil And Gas Engineering (English-Taught Master’s Program) ≈ ₽ 295,000 per year

Entrance Exams:

  • a test in the major subject and natural science subjects (in English)
  • an interview in English

3. Economics. International Business (Russian-English Bachelor’s Program) / Double Degree KFU And London School Of Economics ≈ ₽ 197,000 per year

Entrance Exams:

  • mathematics
  • Russian language
  • social science
  • an interview in English

4. Digital Diplomacy (English-Taught Master’s Program) ≈ ₽ 273,000 per year

Entrance Exams:

  • an oral exam
  • English language

5. Russia And Its Regions In The Sphere Of International Relations (Russian-Taught Bachelor’s Program) ≈ ₽ 128,000 per year

Entrance Exams:

  • history
  • social science
  • Russian language

6. Data Science (English-Taught Master’s Program) / Double Degree KFU And Shenzhen University ≈ ₽ 261,000 per year

Entrance Exams:

  • major subjects
  • English language
Wan Bo, China

There were a few reasons why I chose Kazan Federal University. First, Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Lenin, who are well known in China, studied here. Second, I found out on the KFU’s official website that it’s one of the best universities in Russia, and students live in the Universiade Village. The KFU teachers are very responsible. My fellow students are good-natured, always help and give tips if I don’t understand something. In my free time I can take part in numerous events held by my university.

Preparatory School For International Students

  • Over 500 students
  • A wide range of pre-university training programs

4 Reasons To Say “yes”

  • High-quality teaching
  • A variety of courses
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Security

Acting Dean of Preparatory School for International Students

Timirkhan B. Alishev
+7 843 292-26-23

Olga Baklanova, Kyrgyzstan

Five years ago I made an important decision to apply to a Russian university. I chose KFU. As I grew up in another country, my opinion of the university was based on articles and photos that I could found on the Internet. I remember that the university amazed me with its history, achievements, and a variety of areas and opportunities for self-fulfillment.

KFU seemed so unapproachable then. But my dream came true, and I was admitted to the International Relations program. In the beginning, I had a hard time: I lived in a foreign country, far from my relatives, and felt the difference in the quality of education.

I’m grateful to the university for those unique teachers who used their knowledge to encourage students to know more.

They inspired me to overcome all difficulties and be persistent in achieving my goals. During my studies I greatly broadened my outlook, acquired two foreign languages, gained experience in international communication and made a lot of new friends. KFU is not just a university for me, it’s part of my history and my personal evolution.

International Friendship Club

The People’s Friendship Festival “Colours of the World at KFU”: a futsal tournament and a relay race with elements of national sports; a photography exhibition dedicated to the near and far-abroad countries; a gala concert in the Small Hall in the Unics Cultural and Sports Center with a showcase of national souvenirs.

The Africa Day in KFU with the participation of African students from other Kazan universities. Every year international students and postgraduate students visit local museums, go on tours around the city and the republic – to Bolgary, Sviyazhsk, the Raifa Monastery, Lenino-Kokushkino, etc.

KFU SPE Student Chapter

Popularization of the scientific movement among students. Establishing close contacts with employers from Russian and foreign companies on the platforms of conferences, summits, and symposia.

Department Of Education

Alina N. Khalilova
+7 843 233-71-42

Department Of External Affairs

Olga A. Vershinina
+7 843 233-75-12

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