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KSUAE is a modern center for education, research and innovation with high creative potential. It trains highly qualified specialists for architecture and civil engineering, the housing and utility sector, and the road transport industry of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Volga Region. Founded in 1930.


  • Architecture and Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Technology, Engineering and Ecology Systems
  • Transport Structures
  • Economics and Construction Industry Management

Fields of study

  • Architecture
  • Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage
  • Design of Architectural Environment
  • Urban Planning
  • Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Land Management and Cadastres
  • Technology of Transport Processes
  • Land Transportation and Technological Complexes
  • Management
  • Housing and Facilities Infrastructure
  • Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

More information

VK - @ksuae
Instagram - @kazgasu (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)
Twitter - @kgasu
Facebook - @kazgasu (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)

Tuition fees per year

full-time study

bachelor's programs ≥ 130,000 RUB
master's programs ≥ 137,900 RUB
specialist's programs 147,900 RUB

extramural study
bachelor's programs ≥ 83,200 RUB
master's programs ≥ 127,400 RUB

Key research and education centers

  • Center for Testing and Designing Building Structures "Strength"
  • Architecture and Education Space "BFFT.space"
  • Center for Engineering Systems in Construction  "Systems"
  • Center for Building Materials and Technologies "Technology"
  • Road and Transport Construction Center "Roads"
  • Urban Development Center "URBAN PLANNING"
  • Center for Information Systems in Construction "Digital"
  • Center for Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage "Heritage"

The university only trains specialists in specialized fields of study.

Double degree program

Russia's unique international project in Architecture and Civil Engineering

Bachelor's programs (BSc Courses) - Architecture, Civil Engineering, Building Design, and Information Systems in Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of East London (UEL).

Italian Center for Education and Culture in the Republic of Tatarstan

It was established at the International Relations Department.

It aims to promote Italian culture and the Italian language in Tatarstan, establish partnership relations among the universities, cultural workers, organize staff and student exchange between the universities of Tatarstan and Italy.

Entrance exams

Architecture fields of study

  • state-funded places - Mathematics, Russian language, creativity exams – natural light-tone drawing, composition of geometric bodies (partially inserted, "cut" into each other), technical drawing, composition
  • fee-paying places - Russian language, natural light-tone drawing, composition of geometric bodies (partially inserted, "cut" into each other)

Civil Engineering fields of study

  • state-funded places - Mathematics, Russian language, elective exam (computer science and ICT, physics, or chemistry)
  • fee-paying places - Russian language

Economics fields of study

  • state-funded places - Mathematics, Russian language, elective exam (computer science and ICT, social science, history, or English language)
  • fee-paying places - Russian language

Pre-university training center for foreign citizens

Russian as a Foreign Language course

  • Duration October-May
  • Tuition fee 100,000 RUB


  1. Those applying for state-funded places must arrive in Kazan to take entrance exams.
  2. Those applying for fee-paying places will take their entrance exams online using Zoom.
  3. You must have WhatsApp installed on your phone (the number you specified in your application).

International Students Department

+7 843 526-93-17

Admission Office

+7 843 510-46-50

Fanila Miguel, Mozambique

It was strange for me to find myself in cold and snowy Russia after the warm climate of the Indian Ocean and its warm breezes. But I fell in love with this country with all my heart: the climate, the seasons, and the country with lots of cities, traditions, and, above all, hospitable, good-natured people.

Needless to say, it was difficult to memorize Russian verbs, the complex grammatical system of nouns, get accustomed to and understand fluent speech. To cope with the difficulties of the Russian language, I read a lot, listen to music by Russian composers, watch Russian movies.

I haven't decided yet whether I'll stay and work in Russia or not. I feel homesick. But with every passing day, I become more and more attached to my university, teachers, the most beautiful Russian city – Kazan. I am so happy to study at one of the top universities – KSUAE and live in the third capital of Russia.

Ten days prior to arrival in Kazan

  • Send a copy of the document you need to enter Russia, inform the university about your arrival date and border crossing point (name of the airport, or crossing point when traveling by train or by road)
  • In Russia, you must retake a PCR test within 72 hours (you can do it at the airport). After submitting the results of two negative PCR tests, you will be allowed to take entrance exams

 Upon arrival in Kazan, you must submit the following:

  • Medical certificate with a notarized translation into Russian
  • Results of fresh blood tests and fluorography examination
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Certificate of negative Covid-19 test (PCR test) taken at least 72 hours before you arrive in Russia
  • 6 photos (3х4 cm)

KSUAE graduates

93% have a job

90% receive specialist training applications from enterprises


Cozy European-style campus in the city center

  • Comfortable dormitories: rooms accommodate two or three persons, shower and toilet rooms are located in blocks, the kitchen is on the floor
  • Modern research and education centers
  • The KSUAE multifaceted sports center is the 2013 Summer Universiade facility
  • The Mesha sports and recreation camp
  • The canteen is one of the coziest places in the university, where you can have tasty and cheap meal
  • Comfortable, light, and spacious assembly hall for student events
  • A parking lot for students and staff

Work placement

For effective practical training, KSUAE assigns responsible supervisors for all institutes and departments of the university.

  • Self-presentation and career guidance advice
  • Informing students about the job market situation

Employment and Internship Center

The staff members will help you make a resume, give you recommendations on how to pass an interview, and inform you about employment opportunities, taking into account your education.

Anna Zaripova
+7 927 243-75-26

José Sílvio Camutenya, Angola

I've been living and studying in Russia for two years already. I see no difficulty in studying Russian because I have great teachers. They play a key role in international students' life because they lay the groundwork for the perception of the Russian culture.

The Internet is of great help to me when I prepare for my classes. You can find various textbooks, study aids, tests on the Web. Actually, I enjoy studying the materials from different Russian sources.

The most difficult thing about learning Russian is the fear of making a mistake when communicating with Russians. If you overcome this fear, you will succeed.

I really like taking part in the university's social life. Sometimes I feel homesick. But I have great friends, fellow students, those who are always ready to help me.

I am very fond of Russian classical literature and often read poems by Alexander Pushkin and learn them by heart. Wherever I am, whatever the future holds for me, I will always love Russian culture and literature.

Graduates and students' works

  • Kul Sharif Mosque
  • The Lazurnye Nebesa (Blue Skies) residential estate
  • The Korston hotel, shopping and entertainment center
  • The Basket Hall sports center
  • The GUM shopping center in Kazan
  • Improvement of the garden square near the Civil Acts Registration Office in the Kirovsky District as part of the 100 Garden Squares program
  • Examination of the Kazan Arena stadium foundation
  • Designing building structures of the Kazan international airport terminal
  • Designing reinforced concrete rings for building the Kazan metro
  • Designing the Mordovia Arena stadium stands for the FIFA World Cup
  • Design of the temporary roof of the Kazan Arena stadium for the 16th FINA World Championships
  • Installation of polymer composite reinforcement at the Kazan airport ramp
  • Restoration of Merchant Sergei Zemlyanov House
  • Restoration of the Pentecost Church in Sukonnaya Sloboda (Cloth Settlement) in Kazan

All KSUAE graduates have general civil engineering skills. They can successfully work with geodetic equipment, know the basics of architectural design and structural analysis, can use construction industry technologies, which adds to the diversity of their future employment opportunities.

Association of Foreign Students

  • Assistance in social adaptation to Russia
  • Legal and social support
  • Cultural and sports events


  • KSUAE students are winners of the University Spartakiad that includes 31 sports, international competitions
  • The Tozuche sports center includes a hall for sports games, a wrestling hall, a strength sports gym, a boxing hall, an aerobics hall, a table tennis hall
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