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Dear friends, here's some more information about the aspects of international students' migration registration in different regions and universities of Russia. The KNRTU staff members will tell you how to get registration after entering a Kazan university and what to do in a difficult situation.

Student visa extension

At least 50 days before your valid visa expires, you must contact the university’s international dean’s office at the address: 68, K. Marx Street, Room 255, Kazan, and submit the following documents:

  • Passport and copies of its pages with photos and all visas available
  • Migration card and its copy
  • Registration certificate and its copy
  • One 3х4 cm photo
  • 1,600 RUB stamp duty payment receipt
  • Copy of the enrollment contract( for fee-paying students) or the statement from the student HR department (for state-funded students)
  • Current health insurance policy
  • Students pursuing Master’s degree must submit a copy of their preparatory course completion certificate/copy of Bachelor's diploma

Migration registration

Tatarstan has the same statutory regulations that the entire Russian Federation. For migration registration, international students have seven business days from the date of crossing the Russian Federation border, including the day of arrival, or from the date of arrival in Kazan – the arrival date is confirmed by the ticket.

Dormitory check-in

  • Students checking in and living in the dormitory are registered by the university
  • Students must contact the dean’s office of the Faculty of International Educational Programs (FIEP)within three days after entering Russia
  • You must submit your passport, migration card, current residential lease agreement, a statement from the student HR department, current health insurance policy

Registration in the apartment

  • Students living in the apartment are registered by the landlord
  • For this purpose, students get an application at the FIEP dean’s office if they have a statement from the student HR department and health insurance policy
  • With this application, statement, and student’s documents, the landlord contacts the regional office of the Directorate for Migration Affairs

Students living in the hostel/hotel are registered by the hostel/hotel staff

What should I do if…

…I lost my way in the city and did not return in time?

The university dormitories ensure 24/7 access, but students under 18 must return until 10 p.m.

…I have been invited over to another region?

You must inform the academic and international dean’s offices of your departure five days before you leave Kazan. If you get registration in another region, you must get a new registration certificate on return at your place of residence.

…I have lost my documents?

You must contact the nearest police station and report the loss of your documents. Inform the university’s international dean’s office of your loss. After the police station gives you a statement confirming your passport loss, contact your country’s embassy to get a new passport or document for returning to your country.

If you apply for your passport in Russia, the international dean’s office helps you reissue your visa in your new passport.

If a new passport may be issued by your country only, you must get a transit visa by contacting the international dean’s office and return home to get a new passport. After getting a new passport, you must send a scan of your passport to the international dean’s office, get an invitation, apply for your visa at the Russian embassy, and come to study.

…if the police have arrested me?

You must always have documents such as your passport, migration card, and registration certificate.

…if I have been hospitalized for a few days?

You must inform the academic and international dean’s offices of the university. After discharge, get back your hospital registration certificate and submit it to the international dean’s office to get new registration at the dormitory address within three days.

If you live in the apartment, you must get a new application and get registered at your place of residence. You must do it within seven business days.

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