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secondary vocational education programs
bachelor’s programs
specialist’s programs
master’s programs
PhD programs
doctoral programs
> 100,000

KNRTU-KAI is one of the largest technical universities in Russia, modern Russian and global highly reputed education and research center that represents a combination of classical university traditions with state-of-the-art educational technologies.

Founded in 1932.

Institutes and Faculty

  • Institute for Aviation, Land Transportation and Power Engineering
  • Institute for Automation and Electronic Instrumentation
  • Institute for Radio-Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Institute for Computer Technologies and Information Protection
  • Institute for Economics, Management and Social Technologies
  • German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

VK – @kaiknitu
Instagram – @knitu_kai (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)

Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s programs 116,530 — 164,420 RUB
Specialist’s programs 134,490 — 300,820 RUB
Master’s programs 124,870 — 175,680 RUB
PhD programs 149,150 — 180, 400 RUB

Science and innovation

  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Applied R&D in priority science and technology areas
  • Support and development of scientific communications and the science popularization system

Student scientific societies
Information for foreign citizens

Admission Office

+7 843 231-00-27, 231-00-90
+7 927 457-73-53
pk@kai.ru, priem@kai.ru
VK – @abiturientkai

research institutes
research and education centers
scientific schools
> 20
research areas
dissertation councils

Albatros Education Center

Preparatory department for foreign citizens

Study areas: engineering, natural sciences, economics, medicine and biology

Subjects: Russian as a foreign language, physics, chemistry, mathematics, informatics

Visits to museums and theaters of Kazan, historic and cultural sightseeing tours, traditional festivals, concerts.

Duration: 6, 12, 18 months
Tuition fee: 110,000 RUB
Accommodation fee: 12,000 RUB per year
Health insurance: 4,500 RUB per year
Food: 9,000 RUB per month
+7 843 236-55-53

German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies (GRIAT)

GRIAT Summer Schools

  • The Future of Smart Cities in Russia
  • IT-Preneurship – Turning your IT Ideas into Business
  • Wings for Life

International cooperation

  • International grant programs and projects
  • Academic mobility

Erasmus+ INSPIRE educational project

Internationalization of Master’s programs in Electric Engineering in Russia and China. Ten universities from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and China.

  • 9 Master’s programs in Engineering
  • Double degrees from KNRTU-KAI and top German technical universities – Ilmenau and Kaiserslautern, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
  • Advanced engineering centers: Siemens and Kuka Robotics, Tatarstan – Thuringia, Keysight Technologies
  • High-quality education in English and an additional German language program
  • Training at one of the German partner universities in the third semester
  • Employment at top engineering companies in Tatarstan, Russia, and the world after graduation

Institute of International Education

  • Recruitment and Professional Orientation Department
  • Adaptation and Educational Work Department
  • Visa Support Department

Kadria Sibgatova
+7 843 231-01-58
KISibgatova@kai.ru, international@kai.ru
Hotline for foreign citizens
+7 999 163-44-10
+7 960 040-71-13 WhatsApp

Abdelatif Moumed, Algeria

My first year in Russia was one of the best in my life. I learned one of the most popular languages in the world thanks to the intensive training program and the teachers who took care of our studies, health, living conditions. They were like a second family to us.

Thanks to the tours held by the university, I got acquainted with one of the most beautiful places in Russia – Kazan city. This city is really worth visiting because of its natural beauty, ancient history, and cultural diversity. Besides, I got acquainted and made friends with students from different countries, learned about different mentalities, cultures, and ideas.

KNRTU-KAI advantages

  • Advanced developments and Innovative technology in education
  • Highly competitive prestigious education with state-of-the-art research facilities
  • Eventful sports and cultural life

Outstanding alumni

  • Boris Gubanov - chief designer of the Energy – Buran rocket and space system
  • Vladimir Sadovnikov – director of the plant manufacturing the Pioneer and Topol mobile guided missiles
  • Mikhail Simonov –SU-24 and SU-27 aircraft designer

Student labor brigades

  • Sever construction brigade
  • Intellekt and Iskra teaching brigades
  • Zilant and Eshelon conductor brigades

Key companies

  • Major companies, research institutes, centers, laboratories
  • Mechanical engineering, mechanical, electromechanical, instrument engineering, aircraft repair, radio manufacturing plants
  • Experimental design offices
Joana Berova, Bulgaria

I already have one education that I got in Bulgaria, but I decided to get a second one. I found out that there was an opportunity to study in Russia, and I want to thank the Russian Culture and Information Center in the city of Sofia for this chance. As I have Russian roots, I decided to try, and KNRTU – KAI chose me. I am proud to be one of the KAI students. I hope that KAI will also be proud of me someday.

Career Development Center

  • Work placements and internships at partner enterprises
  • Presentations of enterprises and organizations for senior students
  • Webinars and online meetings with graduates in each degree field (major)
  • Job Fair Youth Forum (AUTUMN, SPRING)

Veronika Laskova
+7 843 231-59-52
VMLaskova@kai.ru, opark@kai.ru

Sinan Atmaja, Turkey

The preparatory faculty was a surprise to me. When I came for the first time, I thought I would study the language only. But we visited museums and theaters. We got so interested that we fell in love with Russian culture. We learned a lot, saw and got to know a lot of things. KNRTU-KAI offers excellent education. Thank you for that!


  • 8 campuses, 7 dormitories
  • N.G. Chetaev science and research library
  • Interactive museum based on Tu-144 supersonic aircraft
  • Shipbuilding center
  • Centers for additive technologies, engineering simulation
  • Engineering centers, including those established jointly with Siemens AG and Kuka Robotics
  • Joint Russian-Chinese Scientific Laboratory "Fractal Dynamics and Signal Processing"
  • Business incubator
  • Military training center
  • The university sports center, an indoor swimming pool, and the KAI-OLYMP football stadium
  • The Ikar student recreation camp


  • Rooms accommodate two, three, or four persons
  • Reading and computer rooms, recreation rooms with tennis tables, gyms
  • Laundry rooms with washing machines
  • The health center with state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Student security service and private security firm
Giuseppe Giannino, POLIBA University, Italy. Exchange student

When I was leaving Italy, I knew nothing about Kazan. But when I got to know the city better, I liked it very much. I managed to see and do a lot of things during four months of my study placement, I learned a lot of new things about science, and I am so grateful to the university for this opportunity.

KAI always helped us, and we had no problems with courses and visas. We lacked nothing –everything was at its best. I advise international students to take a study placement at KAI because you won't feel lonely there and this university will give you the knowledge you won't gain at home. Local people are good, the university and teachers welcomed us. Russia has a different culture, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Center for Volunteering and Youth Projects

  • Sports events – participation as volunteers at Olympics and Paralympics, the Universiade, championships of the republic, Russia, and the world
  • Environmental and healthy lifestyle events – Car Free Day, urban greening promotion, No Tobacco Day, and other events
  • Social events – projects aimed to work with socially vulnerable groups, including children with disabilities and older adults
  • Mass cultural events – First-Year Student Day, Student Spring, the Ikariada variety show festival, Miss KAI, Theater Day, and many others

VK – @volunteerkai

Association of International Students

  • Protects and represents international students' interests
  • Assists in social adaptation
  • Strengthens peoples' friendship

VK – @aiskai

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