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SamSTU is a major research and education center in the region that trains specialists for power engineering, oil and gas engineering, chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, transport, food, defense industries, information technologies, instrument engineering as well as automation and control in engineering systems, materials science and metallurgy, biotechnologies, industrial ecology.

International cooperation

  • 55 foreign partner universities
  • 4 foreign industrial partners
  • Association of Universities of the Volga Federal District and the Province of Upper and Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, China

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Telegram – @samgtu

Tuition fees per semester

44,500 – 163,820 RUB

Promising Master's programs

  • Design, Operation and Engineering of Power Supply Systems

Graduates get a unique profession of power supply system designer. Mastering the program provides an opportunity to work for major power companies in Russia and worldwide.

  • Digital Modeling of Systems and Services of Smart Energetics

The program studies methods and tools for solving optimization problems in power engineering.

  • Chemical Engineering and Industrial Ecology

Graduates are prepared for careers in creating, introducing and operating energy- and resource-saving, environmentally friendly technologies. The program was internationally accredited and awarded the Euromaster label.

  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Industry

The program allows students to competently study, design and introduce information systems and technologies.

  • Intensification of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Processes

The program combines classical approaches to teaching and modern methods for modeling and intensifying oil refining processes.

  • Technologies of Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis of Powder and Composite Nanomaterials and Nanocoatings

The program includes design, study, modification, and use of organic and inorganic materials for various purposes.

  • Customs Affairs

The program was accredited by the World Customs Organization to prove compliance with high international standards of customs career. A corresponding record will be made in the diploma of every graduate – future customs affairs specialist, and the Euromaster certificate will be awarded.

Admission to Master's programs

  • Entrance tests in major subjects. Tests are conducted in Russian
  • Based on the results of SamSTU Olympiads

8 study programs in chemistry and chemical engineering were internationally accredited.

Students enrolled in these programs from September 2021 till September 2026 will obtain a European Diploma Supplement in Russian and English. The document states that the program was internationally accredited and awarded Eurobachelor or Euromaster label.

How to get the invitation?

  1. Submit the completed application form and the copy of your passport to
  2. Get the approval from Samara Polytech
  3. Pay 100 USD for the services under the advisory service contract and submit the copy of your receipt to
  4. Get the invitation and apply for a visa at the Embassy of Russia in your country

Center for Additional Training of Foreign Citizens

Study areas: natural sciences, engineering and technology, and medicine and biology.

  • There are up to 14 students in each group
  • Final exams
  • Certificate entitling students to enter any Russian university

Elena Shipanova
+7 846 278-44-54

Sergei Isaev, Deputy General Director for Industrial Safety, Labor and Environmental Protection, Samaraneftegaz Company

We express our sincere gratitude to SamSTU for the professional training of students. The graduates of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Ecology have been direct employees at the company's Environmental Protection Department for over ten years.

Career opportunities

  • Individual consultations at the Department for Working with Industrial Partners. Contact us at
  • Each student can view the jobs offered by the university's industrial partners and build a resume in their Personal Account.

Guaranteed employment at major Russian companies

Pavel Nikulshin, Deputy General Director for Science, All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Refining

The company expresses its gratitude to SamSTU teachers for the excellent training of graduates with a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Recent graduates show profound knowledge of chemical engineering and methods for intensifying oil refining and petrochemical processes, knowledge of modern methods for analyzing raw materials, products, processes, as well as good chemical lab skills.


  • 5 research and design institutes
  • 28 science and engineering centers

Promising international projects

  • Interdisciplinary research center for prediction, design and synthesis of new nanostructured materials based on organometallic coordination polymers with controlled sorption, catalytic, optical and electrochemical properties
  • Development of the Russian-Chinese Innovative Center for Theoretical Materials Science
  • Capacity Building in Sustainability for Architectural Heritage as part of the Erasmus+ program
  • Smart Field, an intelligent system for controlling rice growing. National Pingtung University of Science & Technology (NPUST), Taiwan
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