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Department of Heat Power Engineering

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ELFIMOV, Sergey Vladimirovich



HEI’s image. First heat-power engineers in Samara graduated from the University in 1935. Since then, several thousand highly qualified specialists in power engineering have been trained for all industries of national economy, among which there was A.G. Shasharin, the First Deputy Minister of Power Engineering if the USSE, M.T. Efremov, Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers and others. Up to the present day, the Faculty of Heat Power Engineering of SamSTU is the alma mater for the engineers of the Russian fuel and energy complex.

Programme presentation. Education and training in the field of “Heat-Power Engineering” is delivered within six Bachelor’s degree programmes: “Heat Power Plants”, “Technology of Water and Fuel at Heat Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants”, “Industrial Heat-Power Engineering”, “Power Engineering of Heat Technologies”, “Energy Supply of Enterprises and “Automatization of Technological Processes and Manufactures in Heat-Power Engineering”. The Faculty has in place full-time, part-time and online forms of training.

The Faculty has two specialized classrooms and seven training laboratories equipped with up-to-date facilities. The following scientific centres operate at the Faculty: Intersectoral Research Laboratory “Computer Power Technologies”, Engineering centre “Computer Modeling and Power Audit” and Centre for Energy Saving and Certification.

The Faculty of Heat-Power Engineering fitted with personal computers, laptops, an interactive board, a document camera, an audio system, modern multimedia equipment, a TV, printers, scanners, multifunction devices as well as network equipment.

Teaching staff. High scientific and intellectual potential allows teachers to continue and develop good traditions and to expand work in various relevant areas of research. Every year teachers undertake foreign internships in the leading European universities: LeibnitzUniversity (Hannover, Germany); University of Padua (Padua, Italy) and SilesianUniversity (Katowice, Poland).

Competitiveness of students. Students in the given field of training are in high demand at the labour market: more than 95% graduates are employed in accordance with their specialty. Students are placed for work experience in the leading companies of power engineering, machine building, oil, gas and other industries.