Ecology and Environmental Management in Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies

Bachelor's program


Institute of Cadastre and Natural Resource Management,

Department of Ecology and Environmental Management



Head of the Department


Tel. +7 383 361-08-86



Achievements. Membership in the Association of Green Universities of Russia, participation in the regional environmental project "Stepping forward together: tourist nature management in special protected natural areas – development of nature trails based on modern theoretically substantiated methods," regional and city environmental campaigns and events.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 51 teachers. Over 70% have academic degrees.

Facilities and resources. There are computer classrooms with specialized ecology software. Specialized laboratory equipment is used.

Research. SSUGT has four research institutes, 17 scientific schools, and over 40 research and research and education laboratories and centers. As part of the program, research in environmental modeling and environmental impact assessment is conducted based on remote sensing and geospatial data integration. There is a research laboratory of geoinformation support of rational nature management and the laboratory of adaptive-landscape farming systems established jointly with the Siberian Research Institute of Soil Management and Chemicalization of Agriculture.

Education. The institute offers practice-oriented training and project activities. Students participate in scientific projects. State-of-the-art GIS technologies and specialized software products are used.

International projects and programs. Teachers and students participate in the annual international exhibition and scientific congress Interexpo GEO-Siberia.

Competitive advantages. Students undertake educational internships at SSUGT range and work placements at top enterprises, research institutions in the city and Russia. The university develops the continuing postgraduate education system, delivers CPE programs.

Graduates can conduct research at design, survey, production organizations protecting the environment, government authorities, carry out state management in environmental protection and nature use management, hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring services, chemical analysis laboratories, the protected natural areas system authorities of different levels of subordination and nature use management authorities, environmental protection departments of industrial enterprises.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The university has the International Center for Education. The information for international applicants is available at