Information Systems and Technologies in North-Caucasus Federal University

Master’s program


Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Modeling and Supercomputer Technologies in the Development of Information Systems major


Institute of Digital Development, Department of Information Systems and Technologies


Viktoria Drozdova, Head of the Department

+7 (8652) 94-54-75


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Achievements. The Master’s program in Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Modeling and Supercomputer Technologies in the Development of Information Systems was developed jointly with Don State Technical University. Under the agreement between NCFU and Sapienza University of Rome, students have the opportunity to pursue the double degree Master’s program (Master’s program in Data Management).

Teaching staff. The department teachers focus on both new information technologies, including machine learning and data mining, and classical university training for Master’s students. At the beginning of 2022, 12 academic staff members at the department took advanced training courses on artificial intelligence.

Facilities and resources meet the up-to-date requirements. The computers in the educational laboratories are based on IntelCore i7 processors of at least 3100 MHz, with random access memory of at least 8-16 Gb, with HDD capacity of at least 1 Tb. Classrooms are fitted with exhibition equipment, all classrooms are connected together in a local network with access to the global computer network Internet.

Education. The learning process involves the system approach, enabling the analysis of both advantages and risks of modern digital technologies. Emphasis is placed on the technologies of processing of complex data, unstructured data, big data, web technologies, data mining methods, as well as on the development of software and information systems.

Research. Computer-aided techniques for image processing and recognition, mathematical and computer modeling of complex processes and systems, research on synchronous motion of the quadcopter group.

Competitive advantages. Graduates are sought after for doing professional tasks in design of information systems of different complexity.

Employers and employment. Graduates can work at any state or commercial organizations in areas such as administrative management, education, business, the oil and gas industry, industry, mass information systems, communications, power engineering, entrepreneurship, service, and solve design and engineering tasks. Possible positions are programmer (programming team leader), IT project manager, systems analyst.