Best Educational Programs: OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING


Department of Hydrocarbon Resource Transport,

Department of Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation,

Department of Applied Geophysics

Department of Oil and Gas Wells Drilling


ZEMENKOV, Iurii Dmitrievich

Head of the Departmentof Hydrocarbon Resource Transport



GRACHEV, Sergei Ivanovich

Head of the Departmentof Oil and Gas Field Developmentand Operation



TURENKO, Sergei Konstantinovich

Head of the Departmentof Applied Geophysics



ZAKIROV, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Program DirectorDepartment of Oiland Gas Wells Drilling



KLESHCHENKO, Ivan Ivanovich

Program Director Department of Oiland Gas Wells Drilling


Awards and achievements of the educational program. This program successfully underwent professional-public accreditation and state accreditation.

Industrial University of Tyumen offers some other best educational programs in the field of Geology, Minerals Exploration and Mining:

APPLIED GEOLOGY - Specialist’s program

GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Specialist’s program

OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING - Bachelor's program

Teaching staff. The Oil and Gas Engineering Master’s program is implemented in the following profiles: Development of Oil and Gas Fields; Modeling of Oil and Gas Fields Development; Pipeline Transport of Hydrocarbons; Energy Saving Technologies of Hydrocarbon Transport and Storage; Technical Diagnostics of Gas and Oil Transport Systems.

Training is provided by the highly qualified teachers including Doctors and Candidates of Engineering Sciences, postgraduate students. Many teachers were directly involved in the opening of the West-Siberian oil and gas complex, which assures a high level of alumni’s professional knowledge. Most of them have government awards for the West-Siberian oil complex development. Masters’ profound training in related fields (Geology, Geophysics) allows the department to shift from “method-based” to “task-based” training of specialists who can effectively construct geological and hydrodynamic models of oil and gas facilities based on all geology and geophysics data, taking into account both Russian and foreign technologies. The employers are also engaged in the educational process: scientific supervision of Master students, supervision of internships and research work, participation in the work of the State Examination Board.

University partners within the educational program. The Transneft Siberia oil transportation company; the Antipinsky Refinery; KogalymNIPIneft, the branch of the LUKOIL-Engineering company; the Neftegazproekt research and design institute; the Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg gas transportation company; the Surgutneftegaz oil and gas company; the Tyumen Oil Research Center. The departments cooperate with the SGK-Burenie well drilling company, the ARGOS well drilling and service company, PetroAlliance Services Company, the Gazprom oil and gas company, the NK Rosneft oil company, LUKOIL-West Siberia, the Siberian Research and Analysis Center, the West Siberian Geological Research and Analysis Center, the Research and Analysis Center for Rational Natural Resources Management of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, the Tyumenneftegaz research and development center, the Purgeofizika service geophysical company and with international companies such as Schlumberger, Roxar, Landmark, CGG, REPSOL, and others.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students are frequent holders of various research grants, winners and prize winners of olympiads and winners of the Forum of the best academic groups of the Russian Federation 2016.

Most Master students combine studies with the work within their degree field at various organizations of Tyumen.

Facilities and resources. The departments have laboratories for computerized processing of geology and geophysics data, for defining properties of drilling fluids and grouts, for examining drill core samples, which allows students to use new training forms, methods and aids. The library and publishing complex of the university contains a great number of periodicals related to geology and oil and gas development. Students have an access to professional literature and famous scientists’ works. The Industrial University of Tyumen has 13 comfortable dormitories with well-equipped gyms, computer classrooms connected to the local network and internet. There are various auditoriums with all required entertainment facilities for concerts, conferences and meetings. Students can benefit from 14 student associations, over 100 studios, clubs and on-stage performance groups, 32 specialized sports clubs.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake their internship at manufacturing sites of leading oil and gas enterprises of the Tyumen Region and other regions. During their studies students can choose an individual educational path, take vocational courses, learn how to use the software from the top manufacturers of geology and oil production software, participate in conferences, seminars and olympiads of different levels, obtain awards and grants for research developments and achievements.

Employment prospects. Directional drilling engineer, drilling fluid engineer, completion engineer, drilling foreman, well workover engineer, well workover foreman, research institute fellow, mining geophysical engineer, mining geological engineer.

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