Best Educational Programs: METALLURGY


Department of Material Processing

Bachelor’s program


CHUKIN, Mikhail Vitalievich

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. In May 2015, following the decision of the Accreditation Center of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia the program in Metallurgy (Metalware Production) was accredited for the period of five years, which is confirmed by the certificate of professional-public accreditation issued by the Association for Engineering Education of Russia and by the EUR-ACE® Label awarded by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education, or ENAEE.

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University also offers a Master's program in Metallurgy.

Teaching staff. The faculty comprises 23 teachers, including eight Professors, Doctors of Sciences, and 15 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences. The university alumni make most of the teaching staff. This is a leading department of the university in terms of research and the scope of R&D activities.

University partners within the educational program include Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, the MMK-Metiz metallurgic enterprise, and the Special Technology Company.

Students’ achievements. Many graduates from the program pursue their postgraduate degrees in Technology of Materials majoring in Metal Forming. Two program graduates have defended their Candidate’s theses, the postgraduate students are still working on their theses.

Facilities and resources. The department features unique state-of-the-art laboratory research equipment including the Gleeble 3500 physical simulation system for materials research; the BuehlerMicromet 5103 Buehler microhardness tester; the M4C075G3 EmcoTest versatile hardness tester; the JEOL JSM—6490LV scanning electron microscope; the Meiji Techno RZ-B stereomicroscope; the Meiji Techno 7200 inverted metallurgical microscope; an image processing system based on the Thixomet PRO software; a hardware and software package for multiscale modeling in nanotechnologies; the SNAN-01A electrospinning machine for nanofiber producing and other equipment.

Opportunities for students. Students do their practical training at steel and metalware production sites of Magnitogorsk and the Ural region.

Employment prospects. Industrial engineer, design engineer, research engineer, research fellow, lead engineer at a design office, an R&D or engineering department, a metal testing laboratory.

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