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LEBEDEV, Anatoly Timofeevich



HEI’s image. Training of highly qualified specialists in compliance with modern needs of society and world standards, through improving the system of professional education intensifying the integration of the study process and research and wide introduction of new educational technologies.

Programme presentation. Educational activity at the Faculty has been carried out since 1950; since then more than 11,000 graduates have obtained their diplomas. The Faculty consists of five Departments, laboratories of “Restoration and Hardening of Machine Parts”, “Agrarian Biotechnologies”, “Precision Agriculture”, “Design and Optimization of Mechanical Systems and Production Processes” and the centre for youth innovation creativity FabLab “Vector”. There are two research areas within the postgradu-ate programmes. In 2014, the given programme underwent international public accreditation by the National Centre for Public Accreditation and state accreditation.

Teaching staff. There are 56 members of the teaching staff, including 10 Doctors (17.8%) and 40 Candidates of Sciences (71.4%). Every year the intellectual property of the teaching staff is confirmed by more than 20 title of protection documents. There are several research schools: “Improvement of Reliability and Effectiveness of Technological Processes for Enhancement of Technical Means at Various Stages of Their Life Cycle”, “Adaptive Technology and Machinery Complex for Cultivation of Row Crops”, “Energy Saving Technologies and Means of Mechanization of Livestock Production”.

Competitiveness of students. More than 78% of students are involved in research work. Many of them are winners and prize winners of international, national and regional contests including contests for best research work among students, postgraduates and young researchers of the HEIs of the Ministry of Agriculture in the nomination “Agroengineering” and “Technical Sciences”, programmes U.M.N.I.K and START. Students actively participate in Erasmus Mundus project “Academic Network of Mobility with Russia” and foreign programmes of agricultural internships LOGO and APOLLO (Germany).

Interaction with employers. Every year the basic study programme is being agreed with major employers of the regional agrarian industry. Within the Federal target programme “Personnel for Industry” the senior students of the Faculty undergo internship at the main conveyor of the combine plant “Rosselmash” as well as at other major regional agricultural companies.

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