Best Educational Programs: AGRONOMY


Faculty of Agrobiology and Land Resources

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme

Postgraduate programme


ESAULKO, Alexander Nikolaevich

Dean of the Faculty


Programme presentation. Training of Bachelors and Masters of Agriculture in compliance with the world standards is carried out with the implementation of new educational technologies in academic process and expansion of research area.

The educational activity has been carried out since 1941. Training is conducted in theinnovative specialized laboratories of “Agrochemical Analysis”, “Technology of Field Crops Cultivation”, “Quality of grain and its derivatives”, “Soil Monitoring”, “Phytosanitarty Monitoring” and the research centre “BiotekhKhimVector”. Students are placed for work experience and do research at the training-experimental farm. The share of foreign students is 2%. Master’s degree students can enter postgraduate programmes in five research areas. In 2014, the given programme underwent the state accreditation and international public accreditation by the National Centre for Public Accreditation and state accreditation.

Teaching staff. There are 74 members of teaching staff including four Academicians of the RussianAcademy of Sciences, 25 Doctors and 42 Candidates of Sciences. The following research schools are developed: “Theoretical and Technological Foundations of Biochemical Substances Flows in Agricultural Landscapes”, «Modern Technologies of Cultivation of Agricultural Crops on the Basis of Agricultural Landscape”, “Soil Formation and Evolution” and “Selection, Seed Production and Technology of Field Crops Cultivation”. Teachers have 41 title of protection documents on the crop varieties, patents for developments and certificates for software, which are actively used in the educational process.

Competitiveness of students. Most students are involved in research activity; many ofˇ them are winners and prize winners of international, national and regional contests and programmes U.M.N.I.K and START. Every year over 20 students participate in foreign exchange programmes APOLLO and LOGO.

Interaction with employers. Long-term cooperation agreements have been concluded with major agricultural regional companies: collective stud farm “Kazminsky”, JSC “NevinnomysskyAzot”, LLC “Luch”, agricultural production cooperative “Rossiya”, etc. The Faculty has in place the Commission for Graduates’ Employment and a database of vacancies.

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