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Higher School of Aeronavigation

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BOGDANOV, Vladimir Grigorievich



HEI’s image. According to the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, the HEI is the basic university of the Educational and Methodological Association (EMA) of HEIs of the Russian Federation in education in the field of Aeronavigation.

The EMA provides methodological and information support of innovative study programmes and coordinates the activity of research and pedagogical community and representatives of the industry in quality assurance and development of the contents of professional education.

In 2013 the Higher School of Aronavigation was established in the HEI for the delivery of Master’s programmes.

Programme presentation. The area of training in “Aeronavigation” allows delivering a wide range of innovative Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in compliance with international standards and the recommended practice of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Delivery of these programmes allows providing air transport companies with highly qualified aviation specialists capable of organizing, performing, maintaining and servicing aircraft flights; carrying out air transportation and aviation works; ensuring safety of aircraft flights and safe use of airspace.

The programmes under delivery:

  • Bachelor’s programmes: “Flight Operation of Civil Aviation Aircrafts”, “Air Traffic Control”, “Air Navigation Support of Aircraft Flights”, “Maintenance of Aviation Safety”, “technical Operation of Automated Systems of Air Traffic Control”, “Organization of Air Traffic”.
  • Master’s programmes: “State Regulation of the Use of Airspace”, “Flight Work Management”, “Organization of Air Traffic and Use of Airspace”, “Aviation Safety Management”, “Management of Production and Financial Activity of Air Transport Organizations”.

Competitiveness of students. In the recent years, in the RF there has been a substantial increase in air traffic and aviation work. It is impossible to attain the objectives of air transport development without a sufficient number of highly qualified aviation specialists who mastered Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in “Aeronavigation”.

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