Agronomy in Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s program


Agronomy major


Institute of Agroecological Technologies


Viktoriia Keler, Director

+7 (391) 247-23-14


Accreditation. State accreditation (2021), professional-public accreditation (2020).

Achievements. The program was recognized as one of the best educational programs of innovative Russia in 2022. Over the years, the institute has trained thousands of specialists. Among the graduates are not only the agribusiness heads at all levels and specialists of agricultural enterprises but also scientists – Doctors and Candidates of Sciences.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 17 Professors, Doctors of Sciences and 35 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. The academic degree holders ratio is 84%, including 31% of Doctors of Sciences, Professors. Two-thirds of the institute’s teaching staff holding academic degrees and titles graduated from Krasnoyarsk SAU.

Facilities and resources include 16 educational and scientific laboratories, two computer classrooms, an innovation center, and an experimental field with an area of 70 ha.

Education. Students gain knowledge of genetics, selection, seed breeding and biotechnology of agricultural crops with a view to creating high-yielding varieties and hybrids. They learn to apply modern environmentally friendly plant products processing technologies, restore soil fertility under specific economic conditions, make efficient use of agricultural lands, and work with the systems of crop rotations, soil cultivation, and plant protection.

Research. Genetic collections of plants; selection process, varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops; devices and equipment for studying the properties of the organisms under study; research units and equipment; processing technologies of field, vegetable, fruit and berry crops; agricultural landscapes; natural grasslands; soil and recovery of its fertility; pests and plant protection agents.

Competitive advantages. The institute trains multi-skilled specialists for rural areas in all natural and climatic zones of Eastern Siberia.

Employers and employment. The objects of professional activity of agricultural scientists are field, vegetable and fruit crops and their varieties, natural grasslands, soil and its fertility, plant products processing technologies. Graduates are trained to carry out engineering and manufacturing, organizational and managerial and research activities. Graduates can work as agronomists, chief agronomists, crop production department heads, research fellows, agronomy managers at agroindustrial and processing enterprises, research institutions, as teachers in higher professional education and secondary professional education.

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