Animal Science in Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Scriabin

Bachelor’s program


Faculty of Animal Technology and Agribusiness


Aleksei Vasiliev, Dean

+7 (495) 377-63-51


Accreditation. State accreditation. Professional-public accreditation carried out by the Agroindustrial Union of Russia.

Awards and achievements. In 2021, the faculty updated and tested the main professional educational program aimed at developing students’ professional competencies to use digital technologies sought after in relevant priority areas of the economy (Innopolis University). Students are winners of the Science Week, the All-Russian best research paper contest for students, PhD students and young researchers of the universities of the RF Ministry of Agriculture.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by 52 teachers, including two RAS Academicians, 14 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, and 39 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. Among the Teachers are seven laureates of the Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology. The leading specialists of specialized research institutes are also engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. A vivarium, classrooms for lectures, seminars, group and individual consultations are fitted with sets of special-purpose furniture, blackboards and interactive boards, multimedia equipment, visual aids, mock-ups, specialized laboratory equipment and utensils, and a vivarium. There are classrooms for independent work and computer classrooms with internet access, various digital platforms, and other educational tools.

Education. Practice-oriented training, participation in Olympiads, contests and conferences, a combination of lectures and seminars with students’ independent work using various digital online platforms and tools. Teachers use gaming and non-gaming active learning methods aimed at developing motivation for research and inculcating independent research skills. The disciplines are taught in Russian using e-learning and distance learning technologies.

Research. Students master the methodology of research and use it for in-depth study of the course content and for using the knowledge acquired and solving scientific problems at manufacturing site and at scientific institutions. Innovative technologies are put into the agribusiness practice.

Competitive advantages. A unique combination of a hundred years’ teaching experience and traditions with modern scientific knowledge and technologies and methods of teaching the disciplines that are of great importance to further development of all agribusiness industries.

Employers and employment. The academy cooperates with top industry-specific research institutes and major agro-industrial enterprises such as L.K. Ernst Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry, Scientific Research Institute of Fur-Bearing Animal Breeding and Rabbit Breeding n.a. V.A. Afanas’ev, All-Russian Research and Technology Institute of Poultry Breeding of the RAS, EKONIVA, FosAgro, MegaMix Company Group, Cherkizovo Group, Agromatika, Central Moscow Hippodrome, which are prospective employers for graduates.

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