Veterinary and Sanitary Inspection in Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s program


Institute of Applied Biotechnologies and Veterinary Medicine, Department of Epizootology, Microbiology, Parasitology, and Veterinary and Sanitary Inspection


Tamara Lefler, Director of the Institute

Natalia Kovalchuk, Acting Head of the Department

+7 (391) 247-25-00


Accreditation. State accreditation (2021), professional-public accreditation (2022).

Achievements. The program was recognized as one of the best educational programs of innovative Russia in 2022. Students participate in various events such as Food Industry, Science 0+, WorldSkills, and Agroforum.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by the highly qualified teachers, including Professors, Doctors of Sciences and Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors.

Facilities and resources include the animal farm, the VITA animal clinic, and the sports and training center for horse breeding. The department has laboratories fitted with all the equipment needed for student and staff research at the department, as well as classrooms with multimedia equipment for interactive classes and public defense of research findings.

Research. Monitoring of epizootic situation of zooantroponoze bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases of animals in the districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Development of optimal prevention and control measures. Veterinary and sanitary evaluation of raw materials and products of animal and plant origin. The department staff takes part in international, all-Russian and regional conferences, symposia, and seminars. Research is conducted on the topics offered by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Students are actively engaged in the department’s research. The department has the successful student scientific society “The Fundamentals of Infectious Diseases Pathology and Veterinary and Sanitary Inspection.”

Employers and employment. The areas of graduates’ professional activity are veterinary and sanitary inspection, veterinary and sanitary supervision in the processing industry, state laboratories of veterinary and sanitary inspection of markets, on transport, at the customs, frontier veterinary posts, in veterinary and sanitary inspection laboratories of research institutes, universities, implementation of veterinary and sanitary measures (planned and preventive disinfections at processing companies, deratizations, disinfestations, disinfections) at processing companies; veterinary and sanitary supervision of raw materials and products of animal origin according to the veterinary legislation, the requirements of sanitary and veterinary regulations, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, GMP, environmental protection, provision of biosecurity of raw materials and products of animal origin.

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