Applied Informatics in The University of Management "TISBI"

Bachelor’s program (Applied Informatics in Economics major)


Faculty of Information Technologies


Liudmila TARENKO,



Tel. +7 843 294-83-27



Teaching staff. Bachelors are trained by highly qualified teachers with required work experience. The academic staff members have education relevant to the disciplines they teach, regularly undertake advanced training on innovative teaching methods, the disciplines they teach, improvement of digital competencies. Specialists from specialized partner organizations are engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. The university has well-developed facilities and resources: three academic buildings in the center of Kazan with comfortable classrooms, two assembly halls, a library, a canteen, a snack bar, a medical center and recreation rooms. There is up-to-date computer technology and modern licensed software. The following state-of-the-art information technologies are used in multimedia computer classrooms: training software packages, software development tools, business process management simulation systems, software engineering environments. There is video projection equipment, interactive boards, a web-communication system for training and web conferences. All students have continuous access to ELS such as IPRbooks and Urite and electronic content of disciplines in the ISU VUZ learning management system.

Research. The main area of research and practical activities is related to studying e-learning issues and creating a modern digital learning environment. As part of term papers and graduation theses, teachers and students develop training systems with simulator components for studying major data processing algorithms, studying and developing IS which are further used in the learning process.

Education. Students have an opportunity to take a free supplementary training course under the international program of the CISCO Networking Academy and obtain an international certificate. Every year the faculty holds numerous master classes with employers’ representatives. Students conduct research, test theoretical knowledge in project work and real case studies. Classes are based on case simulation, which allows students to see the subject content aspects of the process of their future professional activity in practical solutions to specific problems. The university offers a wide range of options for annual internships and supports talents in science and sports, encourages achievements in public activity. Graduates can pursue a Master’s degree.

 Strategic partners. Top IT companies such as Engineering Research Center 1C-Rarus: Kazan, ICL - Kazan Production Association of Computing Systems, Telecom Integration, ComLine Company.

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