Designing of Light Industry Products in Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design



Institute of Textile and Fashion, Department of Design and Technology of Leather Products named after Professor A.S. Schwarz

Bachelor's program, Master's program,Design of Footwear and Leather and Fancy Goods major


IVANOV Oleg Mikhailovich

Director of the Institute


LOBOVA Liudmila Vladislavovna

Head of the Department

Teaching staff. The department employs 13 teachers including one Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, nine Associate Professors and one Senior Teacher, Candidates of Engineering Sciences. Industry representatives such as heads and leading specialists of footwear and leather and fancy enterprises of Saint Petersburg are engaged in the teaching process.

Research. Starting from the third year of the Bachelor's program, students join in research activities, become co-authors of articles and inventions, prize winners of university and republican and student conferences, exhibitions of creative works. The promising research areas include the following: two- and three-dimensional footwear modeling, accessories and footwear models prototyping, high-precision anthropometric measurements of footwear and glove consumers' feet and hands.

Education. The department created a favorable environment that helps students master the disciplines: there are laboratories, modern computers, measuring devices. It also cooperates with the leading enterprises of the city. The classes are conducted using both traditional (lectures, laboratory and practical classes) and interactive teaching methods. The teachers widely use demonstrations with a video projector. The department has the Innovation Center where students master the methods of computer two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling and unlock their technological potential, new techniques for decorating leather materials and prototyping footwear models and accessories (3D printing of designs of heels, soles, footwear models, and accessories for leather products).

Competitive advantages. Over 55 years of existence of the department, teachers and employees have published more than 25 textbooks and monographs, obtained more than 150 certificates of authorships and patents for inventions, developed novel equipment and state-of-the-art technologies and introduced them into industry. Students and graduates of the educational program constantly participate in creative contests such as “Admiralty Needle,” “Shoes-Style,” conferences, exhibitions such as “Fashion Industry,” “Import Substitution in Light Industry.” For several years the department organized the Olympiad in leather products design as well as the creative contest “Podium of Success” where creative young people communicated with the employers (the jury members) and authors and their ideas were promoted. The teachers of the department hold author's courses on mastering the design of footwear and leather and fancy goods of various structures and on advanced training of industry representatives.

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