Law in Povolzhsky Institute of Management

Bachelor’s program, Specialist’s program, Master’s program

Povolzhsky Institute of Management named after P.A. Stolypin, Branch of RANEPA

Department of Constitutional and International Law






Dzhamila S. VELIEVA,

Head of the Department

Tel. + 7 8452 653581


Current position in rankings. In 2018 RANEPA was the leader among Russian HEIs for law in the ranking of the Social Navigator project of Russia Today, the international news agency.

Achievements and awards. In 2018 the program underwent state accreditation for six years.

Teaching staff. Six specialized departments employ scientists and practitioners, 89% of whom have academic degrees and titles (15.5% are Doctors of Sciences).

The educators are current experts as part of commissions and councils at government authorities.

The professors and educators of the department developed special courses “Protection of Human Rights by Government Authorities,” “Electoral Law and Process,” “Constitutional Law of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation,” “Fiscal, Banking and Insurance Law,” “Legal Support for Security of Person,” “Legal Fundamentals for Economic Security,”

“Constitutional Justice,” “Human Rights Advocacy,” “Prosecutor’s Participation in Court Proceedings.”

Research is conducted as part of scientific schools: “Axiological Law Basics” (under the supervision of O. Tsybulevskaya, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the RF, a member of the qualification board of judges of the Saratov Region, Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor), “Legal Support for State Management” (under the supervision of S. Channov, an independent anti-corruption evaluation expert accredited by the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Doctor of Juridical Science, Professor, and E. Lipatov, Doctor of Juridical Science).

Education. The department trains specialists in law enforcement, state and municipal management, legal support for national and municipal authorities’ activities. Business games, tests, focus group teaching methods are used, field classes are conducted. Representatives of government bodies and municipalities, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations are invited to give thematic lectures and seminars. Students develop independent learning skills, abilities to think competently and tackle tasks at the Center of Legal Assistance to the General Public. Students take an active part and win prizes in all-Russian and international scientific and practical conferences and contests.

Strategic partners. Legislative and executive authorities, Prosecutor’s office of the Saratov Region, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Saratov Region, the Association of Lawyers of Russia.

International projects and programs. The teaching staff and students annually participate in international academic exchange programs with the universities of Armenia, Hungary, Germany.

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