Quality Management in Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

Bachelor's program, Master's program


Institute of Fundamental Training and Technological Innovations,

Department of Innovation and Integrated Quality Systems



Director of the Institute, Head of the Department


Tel. +7 812 494-70-55

E-mail: 4947069@mail.ru, fpti@guap.ru


Achievements. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2018 and accreditation expert evaluation in 2020 and was recognized as compliant with indicators and criteria of professional-public accreditation. Students win regional and international contests and Olympiads on quality, take an active part in the Olympiad "I am a Professional."

Teaching staff. Over 90% of teachers have academic degrees. Young researchers and representatives of top manufacturing enterprises in Saint Petersburg are engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. The educational process involves the computing laboratory, the laboratory of ecology and technosphere safety, which allows the university to achieve all advantages of the practice-oriented approach.

Education. Bachelor and Master training courses include the following modern business activities: quality management methods, project management methods, finance and investment tools, modern management and marketing methods, simulation modeling of the quality improvement process for integrable systems, tools and methods of quality evaluation of purpose-oriented functioning of complex systems.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with top organizations such as TEST – Saint Petersburg, Radar mms, Rubin Research Institute.

International projects and programs. Every year students can undertake study placements at Beihang University (China, Beijing), Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), and other universities.

Competitive advantages. The Bachelor's program major is Quality Management in Engineering and Manufacturing Systems, the Master's program major is Situational Quality Management of Complex Systems. Some disciplines are taught at TEST – Saint Petersburg as part of projects with the participation of the organization's senior employees. Participation in Worldskills in the Quality Engineering exhibition competency (the department staff members act as experts). Participation in annual conferences and Olympiads: conferences "Modeling and Situational Quality Management of Complex Systems," the All-Russian Student Olympiad on Modeling and Situational Quality Management of Complex Engineering Systems, the All-Russian Student Olympiad "Standardization. Metrology. Quality."

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The English-language version of SUAI website https://guap.info/en/about-dia-suai presents educational programs, services, Internet resources, and conditions for international students.

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