Youth Outreach Management in North-Caucasus Federal University

Master’s program


Institute of Education and Social Sciences,

Department of Social Technologies



Head of the Department


Tel. +7 8652 33-06-63



Achievements and awards. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020. The department teachers co-organize the All-Russian Student Olympiad "I am Professional" and the regional stage of the National Professional Skills Championship for Physically and/or Mentally Challenged People and People with Disabilities "Abilympics." Students are winners and prize-winners of the annual scholarship contest held by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, recipients of the Mashuk Youth Forum grants.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 13 teachers having academic degrees of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences.

Facilities and resources. There are student scientific circles, NCFU's career-oriented program K-Labs.

Research is conducted in the field of innovative technologies in the activities of governmental and non-governmental social welfare institutions.

Education. Master students learn to diagnose socially important initiatives, trends and problems in the youth environment, assess social risks, develop youth policy projects, programs and technologies in the field of law, labor and education, give consultations on youth outreach management, carry out psychosocial adaptation of young people and ensure their self-fulfillment by leisure activities. Interactive teaching methods and modern distance learning technologies are used. The department delivers the continuing education program "Specialist in State Youth Policy" (supervisors S. Mitrofanova, E. Smirnova), develops advanced training programs on request of enterprises, institutions, ministries. Developing continuing education programs, the department takes into account the department partners' requirements and expectations concerning the topics and conditions.

Strategic partners. Most of the research is conducted to benefit practical youth outreach management in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Stavropol Territory and the Directorate of Youth Policy of the Office of the Government of the Stavropol Territory.

Competitive advantages. Students undertake internships at youth policy institutions in Stavropol and the Stavropol Territory, employment centers, non-commercial organizations.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The department seeks international cooperation for sharing experience in youth outreach management, science, education. The information for international applicants is available at

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