Being An IT Specialist Is Cool, Beneficial And Prestigious!

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The Associate Professor at the Department of English Philology of Dagestan  State University Raziyat Tadzhibova talks about the popularity of IT programs among international students.

– According to our records,  IT majors are particularly interesting to applicants from Arab and African countries.

Russian universities offer a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's programs in this field in 2022:

Bachelor's programs

  • Information Systems and Technologies (general specialization)
  • Information Security (Computer Systems Security major)
  • Applied Informatics (majors: Development of Software Information Systems; Information Systems and Programming; Applied Informatics in Economics and Management)
  • Software Engineering (Development of Software Information Systems major)

Master's programs

  • Information Systems and Technologies (Information and Telecommunication Systems and Networks major)
  • Applied Informatics (majors: Development and Implementation of Information Systems; Digital Economy)

Now all the above-mentioned majors and fields of study are top-class and up-to-date and are in great demand at top management companies because there is a shortage of good IT specialists.

IT specialist degree guarantees you successful employment in the future. What is more, you will be able to work both in Russia and in any other country.

In Russia, according to Recruit Centre Innopolis in particular, there was an increase in salaries for IT specialists, up to 500,000 rubles per month! This is due to both huge inflation and IT personnel shortage. The CNNNews data also indicates the increased popularity of this profession in the world: based on the analysis of more than 30,000 resumes of information technology specialists and the study of conditions  of 15,000 Informatics job openings. These studies show that the today's minimum starting salary for IT specialists is 100,000 rubles, and application developers turned out to have the highest salaries. Today the highest paying jobs in Russia are Java, Android, iOS, Kotlin developers.

As we can see, being an IT specialist is not only prestigious but also financially beneficial.

Russian universities have created a favorable environment for gaining fundamental knowledge in this  field, and there is a wide range of scientific resources:

  • libraries with access to international scientific databases
  • student scientific societies aimed at improving the quality of education, developing  students' creative potential through research and supporting their grant activity

Russian universities always open their doors to international applicants striving to gain  solid academic knowledge on favorable terms. Come and see for yourselves!

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