Education in Russia for Argentinian Citizens

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Russian university degrees remain rather sought-after in Argentina despite the absence of an interstate agreement on mutual recognition of academic degrees and titles. Largely due to this fact, Argentinian students already have a Bachelor’s degree and apply for Master’s and PhD programs. Olga Muratova, Director of the Russian House in Buenos Aires, talks about why Argentinians come to study in Russia and which fields of study they choose.

Free education

In several recent years, the Russian Government has been allocating 30 quota places to Argentinians wishing to study in Russia. Every year around 100 people register on the official candidate selection website Candidates for quota places must fill in an application form with all required data, upload a copy of their passport and documents confirming their education with a transcript, and send an application for studies.

Most Argentinians prefer studying within the Russian Government quota. Small wonder, given that a ticket from Buenos Aires to Moscow alone is a luxury in itself.

Argentinian candidates undergo an initial selection at the Russian House in Buenos Aires. The working team includes the representatives of the Russian Embassy, trade representative offices, Rossotrudnichestvo, the Ministry of Education of Argentina, Russian universities and companies, in particular, Rosatom State Corporation that allocates one quota place for atomic engineering education. Each candidate is interviewed. The working team assesses candidates’ motivation, their interest in the chosen field of study or science, Russian language proficiency level, and general knowledge of Russian culture and history. You do not need special training here. Your desire to go to Russia and genuine interest in our country will be enough.

Competition of academic credentials is more important than the interview. Here we take into consideration not only candidates’ academic average but also grades for major subjects. If a candidate is going to apply for Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs, we take into consideration their individual achievements such as participation in various projects, contests, forums, and conferences. Candidates applying for Master’s and PhD programs get extra points for their scientific publications and letters of recommendation from the Russian university specified in their application form as a priority.

Popular fields of study

We can see the citizens’ interest in the International Relations program taught in Russia. Also, we consider this fact very important, taking into account the state of intensive information throughout the world.

More and more Argentinians want to hear Russia’s position and strengthen relations with our country in the international arena. The same can be said about a desire to study management, economics, and finance in Russia. This comes as no surprise because the Russian economy has survived different sanctions from all sides in spite of all predictions. There is a growing interest in information technology.

Meanwhile, Argentinians have been actively applying for medical programs for the third year in a row. This fact can be considered a recognition of the achievements of Russian science in medicine. It is worth reminding that Argentina was the first country in Latin America to approve the Russian COVID-2019 vaccine for use. And the common Argentinians still remember it gratefully.

Every year there is a demand for creative majors. The Russian language is not in last place among the preferences of Argentinian citizens. There are always people wishing to pursue linguistics and philology professionally, gain knowledge and improve their translation, interpreting and Russian language teaching skills.

In recent years, the Russian House in Buenos Aires has been regularly giving presentations about education in Russia “Time to Study in Russia” with the participation of Russian universities and Argentinian students who share their impressions of studying at our universities. This year, Argentina was visited by the teachers from Ural Federal University and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI."

Argentinian schools have also presented the online program for future engineers LETIteach allowing prospective applicants to take a free course in four subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, and Russian Language. Besides, the information about Russian universities and the opportunities to study in Russia is posted on the official Internet resources of the Representative Office as well as on the website of the Argentina Government in the section of the local ministry of education.

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