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MSLU is a modern university for humanities with a rich 90-year history, the linguistic education center which trains first-class specialists and conducts basic and applied research.


  • Major/field of study + at least two foreign languages at a professional proficiency level
  • Cooperation with 90+ leading universities from 30+ countries
  • Short-term and long-term internships at partner universities
  • An opportunity to pursue double degree programs
  • Preparation for working for  international organizations and taking the UN competitive examinations
  • The main methodology center for teaching foreign languages in Russia
  • The hub organization for language and culture studies of the CIS states
  • The center for foreign language Olympiad movement of school students
  • High employers' demand for graduates
  • 10 minutes' walk from the Kremlin

MSLU participates in international educational projects of:

  • the UN
  • the World Intellectual Property Organization
  • University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • SUN (Silk-Road Universities Network), and others
VK – @mslu_studlife
Telegram – @mslu_official

Tuition fees per year

Preparatory faculty 240,000 RUB
Bachelor's programs 265,000 – 430,000 RUB
Master's programs 260,000 – 340,000 RUB
PhD programs 314,000 – 330,000 RUB

Learning Russian at MSLU 


Russian Language and Culture Summer School

Start: August 5, 2024
Duration: 3 weeks
Academic load: 60 academic hours

Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language

Start: Enrollment is ongoing
Duration: 2 weeks - 11 months
Academic load: at least 12 academic hours per week

Russian Language and Culture Winter School

Start: February 5, 2024
Duration: 2 weeks
Academic load: 40 academic hours
+7 499 245-22-11

Faculties and institutes

  • Institute of International Educational Programs
  • Institute of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences
  • Institute of Information Sciences
  • Institute of International Law and Justice
  • Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
  • Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of English
  • Faculty of German
  • Faculty of French
  • Faculty of Correspondence Education


  • Foreign Regional Studies
  • International Relations
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics. Translation and Translation Studies
  • Linguistics. Theory and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures
  • Sociology
  • Law
  • Hotel Business
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Education
  • Information Security
  • Document Science and Archiving
  • Theology
  • Culturology
  • Library and Informational Activities
  • Psychology
  • Political Science

Double degree programs

Master's program

  • Foreign Regional Studies. Allameh Tabataba'i University, Iran 

MSLU Institute of International Educational Programs

+7 499 245-38-79
+7 903 205-77-51 WhatsApp, Telegram


International graduates work for the ministries of foreign affairs in their countries (at the diplomatic corps), on radio and TV, for news agencies, publishing houses, international companies, successfully teach Russian and foreign languages at universities, colleges, schools. Our graduates use Russian as a priority language in their professional activities.


  • Cheerleading
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Workout room

MSLU dormitory

  • The dormitory is located in the center of Moscow, 10 minutes' walk from the MSLU main building
  • The MSLU dormitory is block-type. Each block consists of one 2-person room, one 3-person room and a shared ensuite
  • There is a kitchen with a stove, electric and microwave ovens on each floor
  • Students have free Wi-Fi access
  • The guest house has washing machines and a laundry room (100 RUB per use)

Student life

  • Student council
  • MSLU student trade union
  • CMS creative workshop
  • Volunteer club
  • Russian theater
  • Croissant Theater of the Faculty of French
  • Anikinor Creative Association
  • Iznanka MSLU student dance group
  • MSLU poetry workshop
  • Outloud Student Club of Public Lecture Courses
  • Musica Linguae choir
  • Student Parliament Club
  • Vdokh poetic workshop
  • Speaking clubs (English, German, French, Italian, Chinese languages, Russian sign language)
  • Fisher's Fish chess club
  • Art workshop
  • Postscriptum book club
  • Prog.Modum programmer club
  • Zemlyanichnaya Polyana student movie club
  • MSLU Green Party environmental movement
  • MSLU Genshin Impact club
  • StandLi stand-up club
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