Far Eastern State Transport University. Acquaintance

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FESTU offers a vast array of fields of study and majors: railway engineers, power engineers, oil and gas workers, customs engineers, financiers, programmers, IT specialists, constructors of bridges and industrial structures, heads of transport and telecommunications infrastructure, and dozens of other promising and in-demand careers.


  • Institute of Economics
  • Institute of Power Engineering
  • Institute of Traction and Rolling Stock
  • Institute of Control, Automation and Telecommunications
  • Institute of Transport Construction
  • Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Institute of Social Studies and Humanities
  • Institute of International Cooperation
  • Russian-Chinese Institute of Transport
  • Faculty of Air Transport
  • Lyceum (10-11th grades)
  • Khabarovsk Technical School of Railway Transport
  • 4 branches: in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Sakhalin Region), Tynda, Svobodny (Amur Region), and Ussuriysk (Primorsky Territory)

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Tuition fees per semester

382 – 1,500 USD

New majors

  • Urban Planning
  • Software Engineering
  • National Security Law
  • Intelligent Systems in Humanities
  • Archives and Records Management
  • Digital Marketing

Khabarovsk International Summer School

  • Study program, master classes, tours and entertainment program, interpreter services. Transfer services, accommodation in the university dormitory.

Duration 1-4 weeks

Preparatory department for foreign citizens

  • Russian language courses

+7 4212 407-462

Student exchange programs

  • Logistics
  • International Business
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Service
  • Tourism

International cooperation

  • International Association of Transport Universities of Asian-Pacific Countries
  • Association of Rectors of Transport Universities of Russia and China
  • Association of the Universities of the Russian Far East and Siberia and North-Eastern Regions of China
  • Russian-Kyrgyz Consortium of Technical Universities
  • University of the Arctic
  • Transport and Logistics Center

Double degree programs

Russian-Chinese Institute of Transport (RCIT)

FESTU collaborates with Dalian Jiaotong University as part of Bachelor’s programs:

  • Land Transportation and Technological Complexes, major: Carriage Engineering
  • Construction, major: Transport Construction
  • Mechanical Engineering

2+2 Program

Studying at RCIT at the premises of FESTU (two years) + a course of study at Dalian Jiaotong University (two years) with an opportunity to undertake work placement at Chinese industrial enterprises

4+0 Program

Studying at RCIT at the premises of FESTU (four years) + preparation for a graduation thesis following the course of study in China

Solbridge International School of Business, Republic of Korea

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Trade
  • Service
  • Tourism

Admission of foreign citizens

  • To Bachelor’s programs

based on the results of the Unified State Exams, the university's entrance exams

based on the results of the university's entrance exams

  • Tuition-free education

for students enrolled on an equal basis. Plenty of scholarships for students are available

FESTU International Club


  • Developments in construction of buildings and structures on permafrost soils
  • System research in developing power and network structure of transport routes
  • Improving energy efficiency of AC electric locomotives in traction and regenerative braking modes
  • Improving serviceability and performance efficiency of locomotive control devices and systems
  • Theoretical and experimental research on principles of interaction between optical emission and non-linear media
  • Design of new welding materials based on mineral raw materials of the Far Eastern Federal District

University science

The university develops over 30 research areas related to transport, construction, power engineering, physics, mathematics, materials science, information technology.

  • The Center for Technology Transfer comprises a special laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment from Schneider Electric, one of the global leaders in energy management
  • In collaboration with Dalian Jiaotong University (China), the university established the research Institute for railway technologies in cold climate regions
  • Master's students conduct research in the field of railway track and track facilities, industrial and civil engineering, power engineering, operation of electric plants, ecology, and health and safety
Su Da, China. Director for Construction Project Marketing at the First Company of Chinese Construction Corporation, FESTU graduate

Dear students, study hard and be diligent. Such an attitude will be of help to you in the future.

Su Da learned about FESTU from a professor at a Chinese university, with the internet search confirming that the Khabarovsk university is a reputed educational institution that conducts research and offers education in the field of railway engineering.

During his studies, the language barrier, which baffled him particularly when it came to subject terminology, was an important obstacle for him. But patience and hard work have borne fruit. Lev Danilovich – these are the name and patronymic Su Da chose at FESTU – graduated from the university, embarked on his PhD degree, and became a university teacher.

Studying at FESTU has greatly contributed to Lev Danilovich’s development as a person and top-notch specialist in his country. Now he is Director for Construction Project Marketing at the First Company of Chinese Construction Corporation. Not only knowledge but also high Russian language proficiency is valued–Lev Danilovich was invited many times as an interpreter in important negotiations.

Average salary of recent FESTU graduates, RUB

  • Lawyer 50.000 RUB
  • IT specialist 90.000 RUB
  • Accountant 50.000 RUB
  • Oil production engineer 70.000 RUB
  • Civil engineer 60.000 RUB
  • Power engineer 60.000 RUB
  • Railway employee 60.000 RUB
  • Airport employee 40.000 RUB

Career opportunities

  • 25% of FESTU students work during their studies. Most of them study under employer-sponsored education contracts with various enterprises. Employers pay scholarships, provide work placements, and specialists get their jobs right after graduation.
  • The Department of Practical Training and Employment of Students collaborates with state and municipal authorities, law enforcement, regulatory, and other agencies.
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