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Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834-1907) 

Russian scientist of genius. Famous for his discoveries in various areas of sciences

Only around 10% of works published by Dmitri Mendeleev are dedicated to chemistry. And he became a world-famous chemist thanks to his invention – the Periodic Table of the Elements. Moreover, he was a physicist, geologist, meteorologist, instrument maker, educator, economics, and even privy counsellor.

The scientist worked in the fields of agriculture, aerial navigation, and development of the Far North. It was Mendeleev who invented smokeless powder, took part in constructing the world’s first arctic icebreaker, flew a balloon to study the eclipse of the Sun, invented oil pipelines, made a great number of discoveries.

Mendeleev contributed greatly to gender equality. Russian women gained access to higher education partly thanks to him.

Mendeleev was fond of ballet, reading books, and playing chess.

– We mostly need well-educated people, familiar with Russian nature, all our reality so that we can take independent, rather than imitative steps in developing the country.

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