Bachelor's Degree. Training Of Multi-Skilled Specialists

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General basic training.

Training lasts 4 years.

Students are admitted after completing general secondary education (school) or secondary vocational education (technical school) based on the results of Unified State Exams, universities’ entrance exams, Olympiads. Read more in the 5th issue.

It is the first degree of higher education. Graduates obtain a certificate. Bachelor's degree is self-contained and offers you an opportunity to get officially employed within your degree field. It also allows you to pursue a Master's degree.

Andrey Rudskoy, Rector of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

If you studied at the Faculty of Engineering, say, you'll find it quite challenging to enter a Master's degree to major in law because you don't have knowledge of basic subjects. But changing majors is possible within the area of technology and engineering. Basic education can be unified, allowing students to change their major within their field of study or switch their field of study, for example, from metallurgy to power engineering, and pass some lacking exams after the second year of Bachelor's degree (it's a 2+2+2 principle). After completing their Bachelor's degree, students will be able to choose a different profession for Master's studies – switch from power engineering to electrical or nuclear engineering. Certainly, everybody will have to take additional exams in other subjects.

This decision must be well thought out and, most importantly, based on abilities, knowledge, and inclinations. To that end, we will also consider current academic performance. If, for example, a student has bad grades in math and physics and wants to switch from electrical engineering to engineering physics, they will have to prove it. We will not forbid it, but they will have to resit and take additional exams in basic subjects that would allow them to complete their studies in the new field of study comfortably.

Bachelor's Degree characteristics

  • A relatively short period of study – it is reduced compared to Specialist degree
  • An opportunity to pursue a Master's degree for free
  • An opportunity to choose a different profession or more focused specialization when entering a Master's degree
  • International recognition of a Bachelor's degree certificate issued by a licensed Russian university
  • Plenty of double degree programs will allow you to gain experience of studying at university in a different country and be fluent in a foreign language and will give you an edge in job search

2+2+2 system

Since the academic year 2021, students are allowed to change a specialization while studying. Universities will gradually switch from the 4+2 system (Bachelor's degree and Master's degree) to the 2+2+2 system. As part of this approach, Bachelor's degree is split into two stages: students study general subjects first and then choose their majors after completing the second year of study.

Alexander Bezborodov, Rector of Russian State University for the Humanities

An opportunity to change a field while studying is important to students of universities for humanities as well. There are dozens of students who want to change their majors. We usually meet them halfway. The first two years, when it didn’t come to in-depth specialization, are very mobile. Students attend courses on introduction to a professional field, then, perhaps, decide to earn one more degree and, probably, change their major.

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