Grant support for international students

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Citizens of former USSR countries studying at Russian universities within the government quota will be eligible for grant support starting from 2022. Students who have citizenship of Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Baltic states, and one of CIS countries will be able to get it.

The grant will be allocated to a foreign national only once over the entire period, regardless of whether they completed their university studies or not. Moreover, the grant recipient has the right to complete their education according to their individual education plans. In this case, grant support will be provided to them, taking into account actual study periods.

To be among the lucky ones (the number of candidates is limited to up to 500 people), you must:

  1. Become winner or prize-winner of one of the Olympiads for the corresponding academic year:
    • the Olympiad from the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia for school students (who are of age) applying for Bachelor’s and Specialist programs
    • the Olympiad for young people aspiring to apply for Master’s programs
  2. Enroll in Bachelor’s, Specialist, or Master’s programs at a Russian university within the government quota
  3. Have a Russian language proficiency level sufficient to understand and study the course content

On summer vacation and vacation after completing the study program, an additional scholarship is not paid. Besides, it is awarded to students getting good and excellent grades.

Now the most interesting part

Study grant will include

  1. Reimbursement of travel expenses – an annual trip to the place of study and back, in particular, on summer vacation
  2. Monthly payment of additional scholarship in the amount of subsistence wage in the study region
  3. Buying a voluntary health insurance policy in the study region
  4. Payment for the university dormitory accommodation


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