Kazan Federal University. Career Development

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higher school
comfortable dormitory places
> 10,000
international students from 101 countries
comfortable places in the universiade village
learning laboratories

The Top University In Russia

  • by economic efficiency
  • by the quality of student campuses
  • by the number of students, outstanding Russian political figures, scientists, and people of art
  • by tolerant attitudes in a geographic region


  • 10 dormitories in Kazan and the Universiade Village: gyms and playgrounds, reading rooms and assembly halls
  • Nikolai Lobachevsky research library
  • KFU Technopark Innovation and Technology Center
  • The Medical Simulation Center
  • Kazan University History Museum, Nikolai Lobachevsky Museum, Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry, Yevgeny Zavoysky Museum Laboratory, Alexander Shtukenberg Geological Museum, Eduard Eversman Zoological Museum and Herbarium, the Museum of Ethnography, the Museum of Archeology
  • University clinic
  • The Kordon sports and recreation camp, the Quantum permanent specialized camp

Universiade Village

  • The largest and the most modern campus in Russia with over 11,000 students.
  • Comfortable residential  houses: 2-3-4-person rooms
  • Territory of health: various playgrounds
  • Security support: access control system
  • Excellent living conditions, coziness, clean rooms and territory
  • Affordable accommodation and event fee

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Tuition fees

1 700 — 5 000 USD

Elmira Masoud, Kazakhstan, History Faculty

During my studies at Kazan Federal University, I got not only in-depth knowledge and valuable professional qualities but also true university education. The possibility of combining studies with public work in the students' council of international students and also in the association of international students in Kazan allowed me to realize my ideas, I had leadership skills and useful experience like organizing various events, and also gave me faithful friends from different countries.

Student Scientific Circles

  • 99 academic communities: social sciences and humanities, engineering and technology, natural sciences
  • 2 000 Russian and international students
  • Directors, deputy directors, Associate Professors, Professors, Assistant Professors, PhD students

Pro Science At Kfu

This popular science project offers a unique opportunity to become a student for a night and find out about the latest scientific discoveries.

You can attend popular science lectures from leading researchers from all over Russia, join interactive learning sessions, take part in fascinating events, and get acquainted with like-minded people.

vk - nightofsciencekfu

The Algarysh grant from the Tatarstan Republic Government provides training, retraining, and internships at Russian and foreign educational and scientific institutions.

International Cooperation

  • Academic exchange programs
  • Double degree programs
  • International grant programs
  • Invitation of foreign teachers and researchers
> 600
educational programs
educational programs that underwent international accreditation
english-taught programs

Preparatory School for international students

  • Special Russian language program
  • Individual study placement
  • Exchange programs
  • Summer and winter Russian language & culture schools

4 Reasons To Say “Yes”

  • High-quality teaching
  • A variety of courses
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • Security

+7 843 292-26-23

International Student Recruitment

+7 843 233-70-27
+7 960 049-18-76 WhatsApp, Telegram

Apply to study at KFU
A guide to filling out an electronic application form
A guide for first-year sudents

KFU institutes have their centers for career guidance and interaction with employers

Temporary Employment Center

The center offers students an opportunity to start building their careers while they are studying. It places information about current job openings, internships, holds career events involving top Russian and global companies.
VK - @czskfu

The Best Kfu Graduates Project

It presents KFU graduates to prospective employers, giving them information about the best graduates and their achievements.

KFU Alumni Community Alma Mater consolidates graduate experience and university resources for sustainable development of the professional community.

Internship And Employment Center

Margarita Antonova
+7 843 233-75-40
VK - @ork_kpfu

Partner Companies

  • Organize work placement and internships for KFU students and PhD students with subsequent employment opportunities
  • Participate in developing curricula, giving classes, and conducting research
  • Participate in the largest university-wide job fairs "The Future is Yours," Career Days at the faculties, and other interesting events
  • Offer master classes, workshops, seminars, business games, lectures at KFU
  • Fund research and found scholarship programs for students that allow them to enhance their brands and increase brand awareness

Key Partners

  • Ak Bars bank, Alfa Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Samsung, CISCO
  • Pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
  • Schlumberger – the global petroleum refining leader
  • Albis Technologies – one of the top plastics manufacturer
  • Rohde&Schwarz – Europe's largest company manufacturing radio-measuring devices

Among famous KFU alumni are outstanding scientists, writers, public and political figures, business people, athletes

Rauf Sabirov, Sri Lanka

One would think that Kazan is a bustling million city, where all people have their troubles, but this thought is delusive. It's comfortable and cozy here, like at home.

Before I came to Kazan, I knew next to nothing about this city. I liked the architecture of the city. There are unusual buildings that have a unique and rich history. I have a collection of pictures of Kazan sights. Most of all, I like the streets of old Kazan –Kremlevskaya, Pushkina, and Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda (Old Tatar Quarter). I like that the city combines modern and ancient buildings.

I was surprised by some open-hearted people in the streets. They can just come up and talk to you. I also like national Tatar cuisine, especially chak-chak, gubadiya, echpochmak.

International Students Adaptation Unit

Social and everyday support, information and socio-cultural support for international students.

Sergei Tsvetkov
9, Universiade Village
+7 843 590-17-54

Passport And Visa Department

  • Migration registration
  • Passport and visa services
  • Invitations for studying at KFU

Ramil Sayfutdinov
7, Universiade Village
+7 843 590-22-67

Student Life

  • Student club
  • KFU International Friendship Club
  • Students Association of Universiade Village
  • UNIVER media center
  • Discussion club
  • Brain club
  • Alter Ego and 7 Rhumbs tourist clubs, speleoclub
  • KVN School
  • Politskovorodka club
  • Business case club
  • Volunteer Student Center "KFU is a Planet of the Big-Hearted People"
  • Student legal center
  • Patriotic education center
  • Snezhny Desant rescue team
  • Student brigades office
  • Sports club, the UNIX culture and sports center, Moskva and Bustan sports centers
Yanxia Li, China

I am studying Russian as a foreign language at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication. I came to study in Russia because China and Russia always were good friends. Compared to Western countries, Russia offers more affordable tuition fees.

I like Kazan very much. It is the third largest Russian city famous for its beautiful landscapes, good environment, and universities.

I chose KFU because it's very famous. Many of my Chinese teachers recommended it to me. They were always telling me about KFU and its research areas.

I don't think that Russian is particularly difficult, but you really have to study it thoroughly.

In the future, I will come back to my country and take a state service exam, or stay in Russia, if I have such an opportunity.

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