The Russian Language Course From Southern Federal University

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Let us present to your attention the Russian language program of additional education for SFedU applicants, specially designed for foreign citizens who continue to study Russian as a foreign language and already speak Russian at the A2 level.

As a result of mastering the program, you will:

  1. Get an idea of the basic laws of the functioning of the Russian literary language;
  2. Prepare for the successful passing of the entrance exam in the Russian language;
  3. Improve your knowledge of the Russian language, as well as get conversational practice under the supervision of a native speaker;
  4. Get acquainted with the format of training at the Russian university and get acquainted with some of the university teachers;
  5. Meet other foreign applicants and make new friends from around the world;

And you will also know:

  1. basic concepts of the language system;
  2. general patterns and features of the functioning of the language;
  3. features of morphological and syntactic categories;
  4. rules and norms of the Russian language;

and be able to:

  1. analyze the text, identifying the elements of its structure and evaluating it in terms of the features of the text and the features of the style and functional-semantic type of speech;
  2. read texts written in the common language, understand the content of what you read, as well as its individual parts, conclusions and assessments of the author;
  3. make a text of at least 20 sentences within the situational and thematic minimum;
  4. formulate your own statement based on the text you read;
  5. to transmit in writing the main content of the read or listened text of information-journalistic, socio-cultural or dialogues in written and oral speech,
  6. extract factual information and express your attitude to the statements and actions of the speakers;
  7. use grammatical and lexical skills of making statements in accordance with the intentions that arise in situations of a social and everyday nature;
  8. understand communication within the situational-thematic minimum;

Duration of training: 11 weeks (72 hours) in summer

Tuition fee: 10,000 rubles (in a group of 15 people)

Training format: full-time with the use of remote technologies (Zoom, Teams, Tencent)

More information by (Zakharova Tatyana Yunalyevna)

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