Air Navigation in Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation

Bachelor's program (Air Traffic Management major)


Department of Air Traffic Management



Evgenii NECHAEV,

Program Director


Tel. +7 499 457 70 59



Awards and achievements. The grant from the Russian Academy of Sciences (via RFBR) for research work in the area of air navigation on the topic of research and development of intelligent systems for operational planning of routes and schedules of civil aviation air traffic. Over 10 patents of the Russian Federation in the research area "Aviation Simulation Complexes." Victory in the Young Scientists of Transport Industry contest in the area "Innovations in Air Traffic Management" as part of the Transport Education and Science forum, 1st place of All-Russian Engineering Contest in Air Navigation and Operation of Aviation, Rocket and Space Technology. Since 2011, the department has trained 352 specialists in the air traffic management area.

Teaching staff. The educational process is carried out by 15 teachers, including three Professors, five Assistant Professors, seven Senior Lecturers. They provide education in 47 disciplines in the Air Navigation specialization and 10 disciplines in the Air Navigation and Operation of Aviation, Rocket and Space Technology specialization as part of a postgraduate course.

Facilities and resources. A training simulator center equipped with an air traffic control simulator based on the automated airfield district system of air traffic management "Sintez-AP4" and a complex system simulator "Sintez-TC" for teaching, training and retraining of air traffic control staff. A laboratory of meteorology and radio engineering devices where classes in the Aviation Meteorology discipline take place.

Research. The major specialization — AR and VR in civil aviation:

- mobile AR complexes for aircraft flight control;

- AR simulators for safe simulation of emergency situations on the airfield;

- VR simulators for drivers of airfield special equipment;

- AR simulators for employees of aviation security services;

- reference and instructional systems for aircraft maintenance;

- AR systems for pre-flight navigation of passengers;

- virtual assembly instructions in a real environment during the aircraft construction process.

Education. The students have practical training at Moscow Center for Automated Air Traffic Management, Sheremetyevo International Airport, as well as companies of the industry.

Strategic partners. Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, Bugaev Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation.

Competitive advantages. The absolute majority of the graduates become employed at Moscow Center for Automated Air Traffic Management.