Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines in Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation

Bachelor's program (Maintaining the Airworthiness of Aircraft major)


Department of Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines


Nikolai BOSYKH,

Head of the Department, Program Director


Tel. +7 967 219 77 42



Awards and achievements. The program is ranked among the best educational programs of innovative Russia. Victory in the research work competition among students and young scientists of the civil aviation educational institutions in the nomination "Technical Operation of Aircraft and Engines" as part of the VII National Exhibition of Civil Aviation Infrastructure NAIS.

Teaching staff. The education is carried out by highly qualified teachers including Doctors of Engineering Sciences, Professors with several years of experience. Professor Iu. Chiniuchin took part in the International Presentation Exhibition of Educational and Methodological Editions "MOSKVA 2020" on March 4-5, 2020, announced by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He was awarded a diploma of the international exhibition "MOSKVA 2020" in the "Golden Resources of Russian Science" nomination for the best educational and methodological edition of the industry — a textbook "Technological Processes of Aircraft Maintenance."

Facilities and resources. The laboratories are fitted with up-to-date means of monitoring and diagnostics of aviation equipment objects. Methodological and regulatory documentation on technological operations of diagnostics and control of the technical condition of aircraft, engines and functional systems, including an emission-spectral quantometer, an X-ray fluorescence analyzer of aircraft oils, etc. Components and parts of aircraft and aircraft engines that have been damaged and failed during operation. Laboratory installation for the study of vibroacoustic signals of temperature measurement. Classrooms for technical operation of aircraft and engines, technical diagnostics of aircraft and engines, reliability of aircraft and engines. Computer projection system. The training center of the University is fitted with up-to-date training equipment complex for teaching the basics of technical operation of aircraft such as Airbus A320/А330, Boeing 737NG/ Boeing 747-400. Aviation simulators of SSJ-100, MC-21 are expected in the nearest future.

Strategic partners. A. Pushkin Sheremetyevo International airport, Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

Competitive advantages. The program includes simulator training that is carried out at the training center according to the educational plan. The development of the training base plays a key role in improving the operational orientation of the graduates and aviation education as a whole. This contributes to achieving the maximum compliance of the level of professional training of students with the qualification requirements imposed by the employer.