Airport Operation and Aircraft Flight Support in Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation

Master's program


Higher School of Air Navigation




Vladimir BOGDANOV,

Director of Higher School of Air Navigation


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Awards and achievements. The Higher School of Air Navigation is an innovative site for approbation and implementation of modern methods of organization and carrying out educational process, newest educational technologies, development and implementation of practice-oriented competitive master's degree programs that are in high demand in the field, integration of theoretical education with practical training. The education is carried out in the following majors: "Airport Management," "Transport Security Management," "Design and Construction of Airfields and Airports," "Organization of Technical Operation of Ground-based Radio Equipment for Aircraft Flights and Aviation Telecommunications."

Teaching staff. The teachers have vast professional experience and are scientific degree holders. Highly qualified specialists of air transport companies are involved in the educational process. Final qualifying essays are carried out under the guidance of scientific degree holders.

Facilities and resources. Modern technical and methodical foundation is available for the classes, as well as practice at the partner companies. This provides theoretical, practical and training education of aviation personnel according to international standards.

Strategic partners. The educational program is implemented in cooperation with the following companies of the field: All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Radio Equipment, Project Survey and Scientific Research Institute of Air Transport, "Vozdushnye Vorota Severnoy Stolitsy" Inc. and others.

Achievements of students and graduates. The students of Higher School of Air Navigation have numerous diplomas and certificates for active participation in scientific research, certificates of participation in international scientific conferences, are involved in scientific research. The master students have access to the electronic educational environment of the University and have an opportunity to participate in annual scientific research conferences and have practice at the partner companies.

Future professions. The graduates of the master's degree program are in high demand at air transport companies that carry out air transportation and aviation work.