Best Educational Programs: APPLIED INFORMATICS


Department of Applied Information Science

Master’s program


MALIKOV, Andrei Valerevich

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. Professional-public accreditation (2015; the accrediting authority—the Association for Engineering Education of Russia). Teachers carry out active research in the field of high-load databases, database tuning and data mining. They have won and implemented grants in the amount of more than 20 million rubles, have published over 10 articles indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by 15 teachers, one Doctor of Sciences, nine Candidates of Sciences. Professor A.V. Malikov is the supervisor of more than 10 international and Russian research projects, the developer of the integrated automation system of university management. Senior LecturerN.M. Osmanov is the Director of the N-Soft software company.

University partners within the educational program. Stilsoft Group, a Russian developer and manufacturer of integrated security systems; internet service providers: Telecom-S, Concern Energomera, Vimpelcom, Signal; the Arnest chemical plant; software companies: Portal-Yug, Business IT, StavAnalit, NEOLANT Service.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. The outstanding alumni include A.I. Smitiukh, Head of the Web programming sector of the NCFU IT Department, the developer of the integrated portal for school olympiads in the Stavropol Territory, etc.; Iu.A. Talalaeva, Executive Director of the non-profit-making organization “The Center for Development of Non-Waste Production and Consumption Culture for Environmental Protection and Preservation of Non-Renewable Resources “Ekoperspektiva,” the winner of the Youth Forum “Mashuk 2016.”

Facilities and resources. NCFU has the facilities and resources providing a comfortable learning environment for students. They can benefit from specialized centers and laboratories of the Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications of the Cisco local academy, laboratories of communication networks and communication systems, robotic systems.

Opportunities for students. Most internships are undertaken at partner enterprises: the Stavropol branch of the Rostelecom internet service provider; the ASKOM Certification Authority; the ComputerGrand-IT software company, the Telecom-S internet service provider, the SevKav-NIPIgaz gas company; Business-IT Company Group, and others. Students participate in the Erasmus Mundus project.

The leading foreign professors, Steffen Holldobler from the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) and Marco Scaef from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), often give lectures at the university.

Employment prospects. Business analyst, chief consultant, development and implementation specialist, business architect, project manager in the information system sector.

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