Department of Automation and Computer Science

Bachelor’s programme


ANDRIYANOV, Alexey Mikhailovich

Acting Head of the Department


Programme presentation.Tyumen region is a region with a highly developed industrial infrastructure, which has the largest Russian oil and gas production enterprises. Their maintenance is impossible without experts in automation of oil production and processing. Education and training of students in this field meets the needs of oil and gas production enterprises.

Lectures at the Department are delivered with the use of multimedia presentations; virtual laboratory work complexes, electronic manuals and software and methodological complexes have been developed.

Topics of graduate qualification works are connected with the design of the systems for automation of the objects of oil, gas, petrochemical industry and heat power engineering and reflect the results of research into the development of mathematical models of technological processes, algorithmic and software support of the automated systems of control and management of information processes support in oil and gas production.

Teaching staff. The Major Department has 8 Doctors and 20 Candidates of Technical Sciences. Scientific and methodological activity of teachers is focused on finding innovative ideas, which contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness and quality of education and training.

The Department annually publishes the preprint and the journal “Bulletin of Cybernetics”, which is recommended by the HAC, in cooperation with the Institute of Northern Development Problems of the RussianAcademy of Sciences. 11 issues of the journal have been published.

Competitiveness of students. In the last three years, the enrolment competition for the full-time form of training varies from 1.5 to 1.83 applicants per place. About 73% of students are fee paying.

Students successfully take part in various scientific and technical forums (the International Scientific and Technical Conference “New Information Technologies in Oil and Gas Industry and Education”, the scientific and practical conference “Problems of Oil and Gas Complex of the Western Siberia and the Ways to Improve Its Effectiveness”, competition of scientific papers dedicated to the memory of V.I. Muravlenko, the All-Russian scientific conference of young researchers “Step into the future”, etc.)

Interaction with employers. Students are placed for practical experience in oil and gas production enterprises, electric power facilities and research institutes of Tyumen region. Students who successfully underwent the practice are invited for future employment in such organizations as JSC “TNK-VR Management”, JSC “AK “Transneft”, JAS “Lukoil”, Yukos, JSK “Rosneft”, Halliburton International, LLC “Schlumberger Technological Company”, etc.

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