Best Educational Programs: CONSTRUCTION


Department of Structures, Buildings and Facilities

Bachelor’s programme


FYODOROV, Viktor Sergeevich

Head of the Department


Programme presentation: A bachelor of the specialization “Industrial and Civil Engineering” is expected to be able to conduct engineering surveys, designing, building, using, evaluating, reconstructing of buildings and constructions, provide engineering support and equipment of building sites, buildings and constructions of urban areas and other populated localities, know the theory of application of machines, equipment and techniques for engineering, production of building materials, supplies and construction units.

Objects of professional activity of graduates are industrial and civil buildings, hydro technical and environmental constructions; systems of heat and gas supply, ventilation, water supply and disposal; machines, equipment, technological complexes and automation systems; real estate objects, land, and urban territories.

Teaching staff. The Department includes three research schools: “Probability Methods of Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures” (Professor V.P. Chirkov), “The Theory of Analysis of Fire Resistance ofRreinforced Concrete Structures” (Professor V.S. Fyodorov), “Methodology of the Optimal Designing of Metal Structures” (Professor Y.I. Olkov). The manuals “Engineering Structures” (edited by V.P. Chirkov), “Fire Rresistance and Flammability of Engineering Structures” (V.S. Fyodorov, V.E. Levitsky, et al) were awarded certificates of the RussianAcademy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.

Compatibility of students. Graduates of the Programme are employed in design, construction and management organizations, enterprises of engineering industry, research and design institutions, which work in the sphere of engineering.

Interaction with employers. Employers take an active part in the study process and research work. Over 50% of the students are trained on commission from different organizations. The annual rate of graduates’ employment is no less than 98%. Graduates work in research and design institutions (OJSC “Roszheldor Project” and its branches, OJSC “Mosgiprotrans”, OJSC “Mospromtransproekt”, OJSC “TSNIIS”, OJSC “CNI-Promzdaniy” and other), major construction and maintenance companies (JSC “Corporate Group Monarch”, OJSC “Transinzhstroi”, OJSC “Inzhtransstroi”, JSC “Stroiinzhmontazh”), manufacturing enterprises, design bureaus and building authorities, organizations, which conduct expert evaluation of technical conditions and evaluation of real estate, housing and public utilities offices.

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