Information Systems and Technologies in Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program


Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Systems and Structures


Zhanna Shevchenko, Dean
+7 (831) 430-42-17


Achievements. Students majoring in Information Systems and Technologies are prize-winners of all-Russian contests of graduation projects. The department conducts research workshops on current issues in computer modeling and calculation of building structures
where well-known Russian scientists and young specialists present their reports.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by the leading information technology specialists, including two Professors, Doctors of Sciences and nine Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors who take advanced training courses on a regular basis. Some teachers have 
undergone internships abroad.

Facilities and resources. State-of-the-art laboratory equipment and modern software, cutting-edge educational technologies.

Education. The Department of Information of Systems and Technologies gives lectures and practical and laboratory classes on 57 disciplines at almost all institutes and the faculty and as part of the university’s Master’s programs.

Research. Development of theoretical basics of computer modeling and automated strength calculation of construction projects based on distributed computing technology in computer networks. Mathematical and computer modeling of the construction material strain process at the level of state-of-the-art mechanics of deformable solids. Development of computer-aided design systems for buildings with geodesic dome-shaped roofs.

Competitive advantages. The department has extensive experience in completing large orders for the development of mathematical models, algorithms and computer programs in a wide range of current technology issues. In particular, it has completed the orders for
the development of computer-aided systems for designing man-made Earth satellites, for keeping track of capital construction projects under construction of the social sector and the engineering infrastructure in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, and for designing geodesic
domes and shells.

Employers and employment. GAZPROM, RAO Unified Energy System of Russia, Russian Railways, VolgaTelecom, Mera–NN, the Auriga international company, Aprel Soft, Promstroy as well as government agencies and ministries such as the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and Social Development, administrations of regions, districts and cities all over the Russian Federation, the office of the Pension Fund of the RF, NNSUACE, private business.

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