Jazz and Popular Music Performance in Gnesins Russian Academy of Music

Bachelor’s program (majors: Pop and Jazz Orchestra Instruments; Pop and Jazz Singing)

Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music,

Department of Instrumental Jazz Performance,

Department of Pop and Jazz Singing







Dean of the Faculty

Tel. +7 495 697-68-51

E-mail: fmie@gnesin-academy.ru

Current position in rankings. Gnesins Academy is ranked among Top 100 best Russian HEIs according to Forbes.

Achievements and awards. The program successfully underwent professional-public accreditation (the National Centre for Public Accreditation, 2014).

Teaching staff. High-quality training is provided by the experienced teaching staff including seven Professors, nine Associate Professors, three PhDs and one Doctor of Sciences, two People’s and three Honored Artists of the RF, one Honored Art Worker, one Honored Cultural Worker, one Honored Teacher of Russia, one Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education, one Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences, one member of the Union of Writers of Russia, one Honored Artist of Bashkortostan.

Facilities and resources. The Academy has all the necessary training facilities and resources to ensure high quality of the educational process: computer classes, the library and record library collections that are regularly replenished, a reading hall with internet access.

Research. The departments actively conduct music research (L. Zorilova, K. Politkovskaya, I. Kazunina, V. Breitburg, etc.). Since 2018 the annual International research and practice conference “Pop and Jazz Art: History, Theory, Practice” has been held.

Education. Students regularly attend concerts and master classes of outstanding performers, participate in all-Russian and international competitions, undertake teaching, performance and research internships. The teaching staff members use student-centered and practice-oriented approaches, give creative interactive classes.

Strategic partners. Gershwin Children’s Music School and other children’s music and art schools of Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Institute of Modern Art, Moscow State Institute of Culture, the Silantiev Large Symphony Orchestra, the Oleg Lundstrem State Chamber Jazz Music Orchestra, Moscow State Jazz Orchestra conducted by Igor Butman, Big Jazz Orchestra conducted by Peter Vostokov, etc.

International projects and programs. Most students are laureates of prestigious musical competitions and TV projects such as The Voice, People’s Artist, New Wave, Slavonic Bazaar, the Eurovision song contest, etc. The teaching staff members organize numerous all-Russian and international competitions and festivals of pop and jazz music, give concerts and present reports at an international level.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. International students and teaching staff are supported by the Dean’s Office for International Students and the Department of International Relations and Creative Projects.

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