Psychological and Pedagogical Education in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program

Institute of Education and Social Sciences,

Department of Pedagogy and Educational Technologies







Head of the Department

Tel. + 7 8652 33-08-61


Achievements and awards. The programs underwent state accreditation in 2020.

In 2014 they successfully underwent international professional-public accreditation carried out by the National Centre for Public Accreditation.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders ratio is 91.13%. The teaching staff includes two Doctors of Sciences, 13 Candidates of Sciences, three employers’ representatives.

Facilities and resources. The university has state-of-the-art facilities and resources and an excellent learning environment for all student categories. Classrooms are equipped in accordance with the current requirements.

Research. The teaching staff develops the following promising areas: student-centered models in education, modernization of general, supplementary and professional pedagogical education, preserving and strengthening the status of family in the context of modernization of Russian education.

Education. The educational process is aimed at improving the effectiveness and quality of training of specialists who are competitive in the labor market and ready for continuous qualification growth, social and professional mobility. Adaptive learning technologies and models are applied to support physically challenged students.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with Southern Federal University, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, and educational institutions of the Stavropol Territory.

International projects and programs. Since 2014 the department has been implementing the double degree Master's program in Pedagogy and Educational Sciences in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology of Sapienza University of Rome.

Competitive advantages. Students annually participate in scientific events of all levels. A high level of professional competence allows students to participate in and win the university contest “Teacher of the Year” and various all-Russian scholarship and grant contests.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. Internationalization of the educational and research process is one of NCFU's top priorities and is a strategically important vector of the university development. Together with the Department of International Cooperation the department supports foreign students and teachers.

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