Getting A Work Permit

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To get a work permit, foreign citizens studying in the Russian Federation, when applying for a job at the company, submit the following documents: 

  • Work permit application 
  • Passport and its notarized copy 
  • Migration card and its copy
  • Registration at the place of residence and its copy 
  • Full-time study certificate issued by the educational institution 
  • Original labor agreement or civil law contract for the execution of work (provision of services) • Certificate confirming the absence of dangerous diseases (HIV and others). The certificates will cost 3,000 RUB on average. You can get them at any clinic (check the information in advance) 
  • Stamp duty payment receipt (the duty is 3,500 RUB on average) 
  • You will probably need a VHI policy and a 3×4 cm color photo (check the information in advance)

After submitting all documents to the Federal Migration Service authorities, international students get their WP in ten business days. The permit is issued for one year, and later you must extend it for the period of your labor agreement. If you drop out of university, your permit is canceled. If you change your job before your current permit expires, you can do another job according to this document, but you must inform the Russian migration service of the changes within one week. 

You can ask any questions about the document execution and submission procedure, seeking advice from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in your region on their website. 

Firstly, foreign nationals must not work as chief accountants or hold any other positions related to accounting. Only foreigners having a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit are allowed to keep accounting records at a Russian enterprise. 

Secondly, foreign nationals must not serve as municipal or government officials and get any job related to the security of Russia. 

The list of institutions where students may work in their free time is limited. However, the list of organizations that may employ students while on vacation is not limited. In any case, given that many students from abroad study in Russia on a fee-paying basis, such side jobs are a great way to partially cut costs.

A path to employment

You can get all the up-to-date information about job openings at the university’s special division responsible for employment. These can be career centers, human resources management centers, and other departments.

They organize career and educational and recruiting events involving employers: seminars, master classes, workshops, job and internship fairs, round table discussions. 

The most reliable path to good employment for a young specialist often lies through internships or work placements at the place of their future job. Experts advise students to pay attention to this type of cooperation with companies. After all, there are huge internship opportunities today, but not all young people are aware of them. Attend job fairs and be friends with career centers available at each institution. Such structural units at universities help students properly plan and build their career paths. Your pro-active attitude can make your resume solid or help you find a suitable job while studying. Be sure to take this opportunity!

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