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Kadyrov Chechen State University is one of the largest classical universities in the south of Russia. The university trains specialists in a wide range of fields, from social sciences and humanities such as economics, management, law, linguistics, psychology and pedagogy to fundamental and applied sciences such as medicine, biology, chemistry, geography, tourism, veterinary medicine, agronomy, information technology.

350+ international students

VK – @chesu_ru
Telegram – @chesuofficial

Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs 800 – 1,500 USD

Master’s programs 500 – 1,200 USD

PhD programs 1,000 – 1,500 USD


1. On equal terms

  • Citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
  • Compatriots           

2. Within the Russian Government quota

Register on education-in-russia.com and pass the selection process at the Rossotrodnichestvo representative offices in your country

3. Through participation in Olympiads

You can submit your documents through participation in the Olympiad held by the university independently – for more information, contact the university at  inter.application@chesu.ru  

4. On a contract (fee-paying) basis

You can submit your documents by writing to inter.application@chesu.ru or by phone +7 980 468-10-68

Documents required for admission

  • Passport copy (notarized translation)
  • Academic credential copy (notarized translation)
  • Certificate of recognition of the foreign academic credential (if necessary)

Admission Office

+7 980 468-10-68 WhatsApp, Telegram

International Department

+7 8712 29-49-27

The university takes special pride in the dormitories where all international students are accommodated. Students live in the comfortable two-story cottages for 4-6 people, with a shared living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. One room accommodates not more than 2 people. Students have cable internet access. The territory is guarded 24/7, and access is by permit only.

Preparatory Department

Pre-university training program

Duration – October-July

Study areas and subjects:

  • Medicine – Chemistry, Biology
  • Engineering and technology – Mathematics, Physics
  • Humanities – Social Science, Literature
  • Economics – Mathematics, Social Science
  • Natural sciences – Physics, Chemistry

Russian as a foreign language

The intensive course of Russian as a Foreign Language is taught to students pursuing all fields of study.

Tuition fee – 700 USD

Popular fields of study

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Tourism
  • Philology
  • Social Sciences
  • Agronomy
  • Ecology and Natural Resource Management
  • Information Technologies


  • International accreditation of educational programs
  • Facilities and resources of laboratories and scientific centers
  • Active student life
  • Staff members who are attentive to students’ needs
  • Comfortable hotel-type dormitory
  • Freedom to follow religious practices
  • The eventful entertainment program, including Chechnya mountain tours, ethnic museums and theaters


The University Technopark is a space for students to launch their own business or startup under the guidance of experienced mentors. Students can try their hand at artificial intelligence, high-tech production, and virtual and augmented reality. It holds large-scale hackathons and case championships as well as cybersport tournaments.

General Medicine and Dentistry

General Medicine and Dentistry medical specialties are the most popular specialties among international students and have international accreditation.

Classes can be conducted in Russian and English:

  • in Russian: after the preparatory course

Tuition fees per year – 1,300 – 1,600 USD

  • in English: students must confirm their English language proficiency

Tuition fee per year – 2,000 USD

Students can study for free within the Russian Government quota, getting a monthly scholarship in the amount of up to 150 USD.

Advantages of studying Medicine at CheSU Grozny

  • The university’s medical simulation and accreditation center
  • High-quality teaching using cutting-edge technology
  • Students participate in international scientific projects, which is a great benefit for their further studies or employment

Ecology and Natural Resource Management

Classes are conducted in Russian, full-time – 4 years, part-time – 5 years.

The field of ecology and environmental management is one of the university development flagships. While studying, students will be able to take part in major ecology conferences, research, and summer and winter schools under the guidance of the best Russian and foreign specialists. The university offers academic mobility programs to study at partner universities.

The university’s carbon polygon WayCarbon is a unique platform that provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical training in ecology. It is located in the alpine meadows of highland Chechnya and offers perfect conditions for current research in environmental monitoring and management. Such study and practical training conditions considerably increase the demand for graduates of CheSU Grozny.

Tuition fees per year:

full-time – 1,300 USD,

part-time – 450 USD

Tourism and Service

Modes of study and duration – full-time – 4 years, extramural - 5 years.

Tourism is one of the most dynamically developing industries in the Chechen Republic and Russia. It includes the study of hotel business, transport and logistics, operation of catering and entertainment enterprises, travel agencies, and guide interpreter agencies. Intensive development of the sector creates great opportunities for specialists in this field. That is exactly why our graduates are in high demand in the job market.

Students undertake internships at the leading travel agencies and tour operators in the region, at hotels and health resorts in the North Caucasus, and participate in international internships.

The curriculum includes three foreign languages, geography of Russia and countries across the globe, legal disciplines, psychology and conflict resolution studies, and information technology.

Tuition fees per year:

full-time – 1,000 USD, extramural – 500 USD

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