Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

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PhD programs
residents and PhD students
students pursuing Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees
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Pirogov RNRMU is a leading medical university in the Russian Federation that trains physicians, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and research staff.

Training is provided at the university clinics established at the leading medical centers in Moscow and at the clinical departments that are a part of the university.

RNRMU is the only Russian medical university that was assigned a category of National Research University.

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Tuition fees per year

Bachelor's and Specialist's programs 315,000 – 500,000 RUB

Master's programs 250,000 – 370,000 RUB

Residency programs 520,000 – 600,000 RUB

PhD programs 410,000 – 450,000 RUB

Applicant guide

Places allocated for the 2024-2025 academic year

  • 75 fee-paying places
  • 75 state-funded places

The number of state-funded places allocated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Bachelor’s programs – 6 places

Master’s programs – 2 places

Specialist’s programs – 148 places

PhD programs – 10 places

Residency programs – 34 places

Continuing professional education program – 50 places

Educational programs

Specialist’s and Bachelor’s programs

  • General Medicine (General Medicine major)  RU,  EN
  • General Medicine (Fundamental Medicine major)
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry  RU,  EN
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Medical Biophysics
  • Medical Cybernetics
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Employment Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Biology  


Foreign citizens can apply to the university based on the results of the Unified State Exams, as well as the results of entrance exams held by the university.

All tests (except for entrance tests in a foreign language and tests for those applying for English-taught programs) are conducted in Russian.

Entrance exams

Bachelor’s/Specialist’s/ Master’s programs

  • computer-based testing (offline or online)

PhD programs

  • oral interview

Residency programs

  • computer-based testing (offline)

Documents required for admission

  • Application
  • Passport or any other document confirming identity
  • Visa (for citizens of countries that maintain a visa regime of entry and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation), migration card, registration if the applicant stays in the Russian Federation. They should wait for an invitation for visa application – Online form of the “Invitation for Visa Application” request– for at least one month
  • Certificate of foreign education recognition in the territory of the Russian Federation if such a certificate is required when submitting the document issued in a foreign state
  • Referral from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to study within the quota established by the Russian Federation Government (if any)
  • Copy of medical certificate confirming the absence of medical contraindications to studying, Fluorography picture, HIV, HBs, HCV tests, with the translation, if necessary
  • Voluntary health insurance policy which is valid in the territory of the Russian Federation

Invitation for Visa Application
Recognition of foreign education
Main State Center for Education Evaluation

Preparatory department

Every year the preparatory courses of our university bring together attendees from more than 30 countries.

They study the Russian language, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Tuition fee

160,000 RUB crash course, 4 months

320,000 RUB complete course, 10 months

Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Dean of the International School of Medicine

Nadezhda Bylova

+7 495 434-22-66, ext. 23-60
+7 903 763-13-97

Department of Admission to Higher Professional Education Programs

Head of the Department

Elizaveta Korotkaya

+7 495 434-31-74

Quarshie Ser Richiz, Ghana

Our teachers listen to us attentively, when we tell them about our problems, and are willing to help us at once, and, if we don’t understand something, they try to explain it. Students know the learning process structure beforehand. My favorite subjects are anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology.

The most difficult thing about learning Russian is some medical terms as well as patients’ complaints. The symptoms can be very specific. In such cases, I search for the information on the Internet.

Here I have friends from different countries, including Russia.

Discounts and awards

  • F. Gaaz award for foreign citizens pursuing Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs – starting from the fourth year of study
  • A personal award in the amount covering the yearly tuition fee: a 100% discount
  • Senior students (from the fourth-year) having a 5.0 grade point average in their record book can be eligible for a discount
  • 10% if the exams are passed with flying colors

Arrival and adaptation

Moscow is the largest transport interchange hub of Russia. Foreign citizens usually come by plane. You can get from the airport to the university by bus, commuter train, metro, or taxi.

The taxi fare is 1,500–2,000 RUB

Average monthly expenses

  • Accommodation costs 25,000–30,000 RUB
  • Travel using a student's social card costs 850 RUB
  • The dormitory fee is around 2,150 RUB


International students live together in one building of the comfortable dormitory. The dormitory has everything you need, including an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, and self-study rooms. In winter, the rooms are heated.

The dormitory is located within walking distance of the main university building and the nearest metro station.


The climate in Moscow is mid-continent.

Summer. Summer is warm and rainy.

+22-24°С in the daytime +12-14°С at night

Winter. In winter, Moscow has a rather high snow cover.

-5°С in the daytime -10°С at night

However, extreme warm and cold spells also occur.

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