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MIPT is the leading technical higher education institution in Russia, the rightful leader by the quality of enrollment and graduates' competence and skills. It trains specialists in theoretical, experimental and applied physics, mathematics, informatics, chemistry, biology, and allied subjects.

Founding fathers of Phystech are three Nobel laureates: Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semenov, and Lev Landau.

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Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs 290,000 — 320,000 RUB
Master's programs 295,000 — 350,000 RUB
PhD programs 320,000 — 375,000 RUB


  • Phystech Schools
    • Landau Phystech School of Physics and Research
    • Radio Engineering and Computer Technology
    • Aerospace Technology
    • Electronics, Photonics and Molecular Physics
    • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    • Biological and Medical Physics
  • Institute of Nano-, Bio-, Information, Cognitive and Socio-humanistic Sciences and Technologies
  • Higher School of System Engineering
  • Department of Technological Entrepreneurship

Artificial Intelligence Competence Center Of NTI

  • 23 laboratories
  • 300+ staff members
  • 7 research areas
  • 20 R&D projects
  • 5 infrastructure projects

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Research areas:

  • Natural language processing and generation
  • Computer vision
  • Multimodal neural networks
  • Recommender systems

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Summer Olympiad School

Russia’s first university camp for Russian and international senior high school students that are fond of science and strive to learn something new.

  • Popular science lectures
  • Creativity master classes
  • Leisure activities

Admission Office

+7 495 408-48-00

International Department

+7 498 713-91-70


  • Campuses in Moscow (Zyuzino microdistrict), Dolgoprudny, and Zhukovsky. Buildings: main building, microelectronics building, applied mathematics building, laboratory building, auditorium building, radio engineering building, Phystech.Arctic, Phystech.Digital. 12 dormitories
  • Centers: IT Education Development Center, AI Competence Center of NTI, Technology Transfer Center, Innovation and Technology Center
  • BioBusiness Incubator
  • MIPT History Museum
  • Sports center: a stadium, a swimming pool, a skiing center, halls for boxing, wrestling and gymnastics, a gym, a chess room
  • Research laboratory for basic and applied research in biological cybernetics, physical education and sports


All international students are accommodated in dormitories. Each dormitory has everything students need for comfortable living and studying: reading rooms, sports rooms, laundry rooms, student event clubs, Internet access.

The dormitory fee is 1,400 RUB per month.

  • Security is ensured by the MIPT's security department
  • Medical care is provided at health facilities located near the place where students live and study.

Health insurance cost is 7,500 RUB

Nguen Thanh Lam, Vietnam

I like living in Russia very much, though it took me a long time to get accustomed to the local climate. Before I came to Russia, I had bought some warm clothes. But, when I came here, I realized that it’s not exactly what I needed. I had to buy other winter footwear and a jacket. I took a fancy to Russian cuisine. I always have meals in the institute's canteen and café. I live only a few steps away from the institute, in the modern dormitory.

MIPT student life is full of events. We take part in various cultural and sports events such as Doors Open Day, the Miss MIPT contest, football matches, championships, and many others. I can say that MIPT has everything we need to lead an active life: gyms, a swimming room, a stadium, a football hall, a skating rink. Russia and the institute made a great impression on me.

Career Center

Graduate employment promotion center

  • Every assistance to MIPT students and graduates in their professional fulfillment
  • Careful selection of job openings, assistance in employment and adaptation to a new workplace
  • Career Days — a traditional platform for MIPT students' communication with representatives of science-driven, high-technology, and consulting companies

+7 495 408-64-45
VK – @miptjob

Migration Registration And Visa Support

+7 495 408-75-63

Maaz Amjad, Pakistan

As a MIPT student, I can say that the institute puts a lot of time into the development of the favorable environment for studying and free communication. I like the institute's teaching style. Our professors always try to create a comfortable environment, where students aren’t afraid to ask questions and share their experiences.

Here you can join the Russian academic community — that's one of the main reasons why I chose a Master's degree at MIPT. I'd like to add that I really appreciate the international department's help and positive attitude to students. I wish MIPT success in training future scientists for our society.

Key Fields Of Study

  • Applied Mathematics and Physics
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • System Analysis and Management
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Traffic Control Systems and Navigation
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • High Technologies and Economy of Innovations
  • Cybersecurity

MIPT Master's and PhD programs

English-taught PhD programs

Double Degree Programs

Bachelor's programs

  • RANEPA, Russia
  • École Polytechnique, France

Master's programs

  • Skoltech, Russia
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
  • École Polytechnique, France

Preparatory Department For Foreign Citizens

Offline learning

  • Extracurricular educational work aimed at successful social and cultural adaptation
  • Tuition fee discounts on MIPT's degree programs for students who successfully complete the course
  • The certificate that allows students to apply for degree programs in a relevant study area at any Russian university

Study areas

  • Natural sciences: Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry
  • Engineering and technology: Russian language, mathematics, physics, informatics

Start October 1
Duration 8–10 months
Tuition fee 175,000 RUB

Distance learning

Russian language and general disciplines

Duration 10 months
Learning mode — at least 24 contact hours per week
Tuition fee 150,000 RUB

MIPT International

Adaptation of international students to MIPT, assistance in problem-solving, strengthening friendly relations among students of different nationalities.

VK – @mipt_international

Exchange Club MIPT

  • Events for international and Russian students
  • Russian Speaking Club
  • Academic advisement for international students
  • News about international students' life at MIPT
  • Useful information for international students

VK – @miptx

Phystech Buddy

It will help international students overcome cultural and language barriers. In their turn, buddy students will improve foreign languages and find new friends from all over the world.

VK – @phystechbuddy

MIPT Student Council

It supports students' initiatives, assists in their implementation and promotion, protects students' rights.

VK – @mki_mipt

Soft Skills Development School

Students can attend free workshops, masterclasses, lectures to develop their social and communicative skills and emotional intelligence.

VK – @softskillsmipt

Gabriel Giménez, Salvador

Not only Russian but also European, Asian, and American students and scientists know MIPT well. It's not easy to study at the institute, but you have an opportunity to get a high-quality education. As I am a foreign national, the cultural differences and language barrier make the learning process even more difficult. The Russian language is a language of poetry and literature, it's so beautiful, but you should work hard to master it. However, you should try to overcome all these difficulties to learn from world-class teachers, gain in-depth knowledge, and take part in the research.

I am from Salvador. It’s not the most developed country. Methods of teaching and knowledge assessment used in Salvador and Russia differ markedly from each other. Studying at MIPT meets all modern education requirements.

Leisure And Creativity

  • Media club
  • Historical simulation club
  • Mafia game fans club
  • Chamber choir
  • Jayanti Oriental dance studio
  • Ballroom dances
  • Student theaters: Tochka, student pop sketch of the Faculty of General and Applied Physics, MimO
  • Student pop sketch theaters TORTiK and ETO T'MA
  • Board games club
  • MIPT musicians association
  • MORE>SOUND — the most high-profile, spectacular and large-scale parties at Phystech
  • I Like Trip travel enthusiasts association

Counseling & Psychological Services Department

It will help cope with stress, resolve conflicts, find a way out of a difficult situation. International students can contact an English-speaking psychologist.

+7 903 271-35-79
VK – @sdmipt

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