Rostov State University of Economics

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A reputable university in the South of Russia that has transformed from a top-notch economic education center into a modern classical university with a focus on integration into the international academic community.

Rostov State University of Economics has extensive experience in teaching Chinese students and developing Russian-Chinese friendship.

Students pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Foreign Studies take advanced courses on the Chinese language and history, culture, traditions, and the economy of China for their future work. Chinese is also the first or additional foreign language for students pursuing various majors.

Every year the Confucius Institute at RSUE holds HSK|HSKK exams. The university comprises the Head Office of the Rostov Branch of the Russian-Chinese Friendship Society.
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Telegram – @rsue_rinh

Tuition fees per year

95,500 – 122,500 RUB

Educational programs

Social Sciences

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Commerce
  • Law
  • State and Municipal Management
  • Commodity Science
  • Youth Outreach Management
  • Business Informatics
  • Foreign Studies – East Asian Studies
  • Journalism
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Service
  • Tourism

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Statistics
  • Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies

Engineering, Technology and Engineering Sciences

  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Applied Informatics
  • Software Engineering
  • Quality Management

Education and Pedagogical Sciences

  • Pedagogical Education
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Education
  • Special (Defectological) Education


  • Linguistics
  • History

More about the university's programs

Salma Ramadan, Ecuador. The graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Finance with a degree in World Economy

I applied through the Russian embassy in Ecuador. The process was difficult because there were many people and few study spots. I had good grades, and I did my best to get a spot. Rostov-on-Don was a clear choice for me. It's all about climate. The university choice was also clear. I always wanted to study at a university for economics, and RINH turned out to be the best one in this field. It provides high-quality education and employs good teachers. I've already made up my mind to embark on Master's studies, work within my degree field, and I want to stay in Russia.

During the first year of my studies, I took part in some scientific conferences and projects and educational initiatives, won the contest of research papers and the Moscow International Model UN, and became a laureate of the Russian National Award “Student of the Year 2020” in the Best International Student category. First of all, I am grateful for all these opportunities to my university.


You have two ways to enroll at Rostov State University of Economics.

Way 1

Get the Russian Government scholarship

  1. Register and submit the application at the competition website In your application, specify Rostov State University of Economics as your desired place of study
  2. Pass the competitive selection at the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing
  3. Get a scholarship and the right to study in Russia for free

Way 2

Apply by yourself on a contract basis

  1. Complete the Russian language course at the Preparatory Department
  2. After you complete the course, send to our email:
    • a copy of your academic credential with transcript and its translation into Russian
    • a copy of your passport translated into Russian
  3. Sign the enrollment contract

The admission information in Russian and English

International Office
+7 989 710-15-08

Scholarship Support

The Russian Government scholarship for studying in Russia gives the right to:

  • study for free
  • get a basic scholarship covering the dormitory accommodation fees
  • get a special scholarship for academic, research, sports or public life excellence. Such a scholarship covers all everyday expenses of students

Besides, all students have the opportunity to participate in the competitions held by the university, top banks and companies to get special study grants.

Preparatory Department

International students start studying in Russia with the Preparatory Department offering a special Russian language study program for foreign citizens who want to get higher education in Russia later.

Duration – 9 months (October-June).
Tuition fee – 110,000 RUB

The program also includes Mathematics and History classes and preparation for the entrance exams at the university.

Momoh Abubakar, Nigeria. The second-year Master’s student pursuing a degree in World Economy at the Faculty of Economics and Finance

I found out about RSUE (RINH) from my friends and decided to apply on a commercial basis. The staff of the Department of International Cooperation helped me get comfortable at the beginning of my university studies. They are very friendly and communicative people. That's why my adaptation was easy. I like studying at the university. The teachers are always ready to give you a helping hand. The administrative staff is also great.

What I like most about my university studies is the teaching method. I can meet and talk to any teacher at the university without worrying about lack of attention. The people are awesome here. I also like my classes, they are always interesting.

Definitely, one of the things making RSUE special compared to other universities in Rostov and the South of Russia is that everyone, including students and the Dean’s Office, is ready to help you and gladly meets you halfway. And the Department of International Cooperation is one of my favorite university departments. The staff members treat you like their friend and make you understand and feel that they respect you. I want to respect them twice as much for that.

Internships and Employment

Students undertake compulsory internships at the largest enterprises in the city and region.

Besides, students are offered special projects such as project work on companies’ orders, studies and competitions to create startup projects, hackathons, and other events.

Full-time international students have the opportunity to work part-time. They do not have to get a special work permit.

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