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Bachelor’s programs
Master’s programs
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The State University of Land Use Planning (the SULUP) is Russia’s only higher education institution where you can find all Earth-related fields of study.

The university is located in the historical building in the center of Moscow and has all the necessary infrastructure for living, study and research.

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Fields of study

Bachelor’s programs

  • Ecology and Environmental Management
  • Architecture
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Land Use Planning and Cadastres


  1. Land Use Planning / Land Management
  2. Real Estate Cadastre
  3. Urban Cadastre
  4. Real Estate Management
  5. Cadastral Activities
  6. Geospatial Planning
  7. Digital Technologies and Spatial Modeling
  • Geodesy and Remote Sensing
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Management
  • Law


  1. Civil Law
  2. Land Law



  1. Environmental Design
  2. Graphic Design

Specialist’s program

Applied Geodesy

Master’s programs

  • Ecology and Environmental Management
  • Architecture


  1. Architecture and Spatial Planning of Rural Settlements and Territories
  2. Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage Sites
  • Land Use Planning and Cadastres


  1. Land Use Planning
  2. Real Estate Cadastre
  3. Valuation and Management of Urban Areas
  4. Real Estate Management
  5. State Cadastral Valuation of Real Estate
  6. Designated Forest Land Management
  7. Spatial Data Infrastructure
  8. Cadastral Analyst
  9. Forensic Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture


  1. Landscape Design
  2. Forest Regeneration and Agricultural Amelioration
  • Management
  • Law

Russian language courses

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Admission Office

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International Relations Department

Ekaterina Stankovich, the Director of the Institute of International Relations and External Relations

Vadim Golubenko

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+7 499 261-71-40

The State University of Land Use Planning (the SULUP) is managed by the Educational and Methodological Board. The university has the Center for Strategic Development of Agrarian Education and the Analytical Center for Academic Policy in Agribusiness.

Today the SULUP is a flagship in the development and introduction of educational standards for the main major field of study “Land Use Planning and Cadastres”

The university trains personnel for state and municipal authorities that manage land use planning in Russia.

Being a pioneer of new interdisciplinary breakthrough areas of land use planning science, the SULUP implements full-cycle research projects: from scientific ideas and fundamental research to  sales of products and services in the real sector of the economy.

The university is creating an international center for academic leadership in land use planning for delivery of new joint Bachelor’s and Master’s double degree programs with international partners.

Cluster of unmanned aerial vehicles “Sfera”

On the territory of the Chkalovskiy Agro(bio) Technological Park, the university is creating a cluster of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) “Sfera” that will have been ready by 2030. The project is aimed at:

  • training of highly qualified UAV personnel
  • aircraft certification
  • development of intelligent systems for UAV
  • monitoring based on UAV and neural network algorithm

The algorithms are expected to be developed based on computer vision for various purposes, including work on autonomous systems and monitoring of woodlands, main transport routes, and other extended objects. Besides, the UAV cluster “Sfera” is launching manufacturing, assembly, repair and maintenance of aircraft. And, in the short term, the cluster will open a youth design office, a research and training center, a conference room, and classrooms.

Videos about student life
Videos about student life

The State University of Land Use Planning is a university with proud history, tasked with the preservation of historical heritage. The museum complex, including the SULUP Museum of Land Use Planning History and its branches, the SULUP chapel, the library complex and archival repository, is unrivaled throughout the world. It boasts unique exhibits showing the development of land surveying and land use planning from Ancient Rus' to the present day.

In 2019, the Alley of Fame was created. Here you can see the bronze busts of

  • outstanding scientists-Professors I. German and S. Udachin
  • Minister of Public Education of Imperial Russia V. Glazov
  • graduate and later Director of Konstantinovskiy Land Surveying Institute I. Iveronov
  • graduate of Moscow Land Surveying Institute Boris Talantov who was beatified by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia as New Martyr and Confessor of Russia
  • Minister of Land and Natural Resources of China Ma Kewei
  • Prime Minister of Mongolia Janlavyn Narantsatsralt
  • Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government, Minister of Agriculture Viktor Khlystun
  • Chairman of Majlisi (Parliament)of the Republic of Tajikistan Shukurjon Zukhurov

At the initiative of Interim Rector Timur Papaskiri, the SULUP opened a lecture room dedicated to the memory of Professor Aleksei Maslov and named after him.

Aleksei Maslov is a pioneer of various applied geodesy areas: geodetic survey in land use planning and amelioration and topographic and geodetic survey for agriculture. He is the author of more than 140 scientific papers published in Russian, English, Polish, Bulgarian, and Chinese languages. Among the 26 PhD students and eight doctoral students, who worked under his supervision, were people from Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. Every year, three best students of the State University of Land Use Planning are awarded Professor Maslov Scholarships.


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