Best Educational Programs: GEOLOGY


Department of Earth Cryology

Bachelor's program


MELNIKOV, Vladimir Pavlovich

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. The students of the department annually participate in International conferences in permafrost studies, in the Lomonosov Universiade in Geology (Lomonosov Moscow State University), the Lomonosov international scientific conference of students, postgraduate students, and young scientists. They often win prizes and are invited to pursue a Master's degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Teaching staff. The department employs nine Candidates of Sciences and three Professors. The department is headed by Academician V.P. Melnikov, an outstanding internationally recognized scientist in the field of permafrost studies, Doctor of Geological and Miner-alogical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Science of Belgium, a laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology.

University partners within the educational program. The department closely cooperates with the Institute of Earth Cryosphere of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Permafrost Studies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, construction companies (Fundamentstroyarkos, Fundament-Proekt), the SibGEO land surveying company, gas production companies (Gazprom dobycha Nadym, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg, VNIPIgasdobycha), Tyumen Research and Design Institute of Natural Gases, the Production and Research Institute for Survey and Construction-Research, and other research and production and design and production organizations.

Alumni's achievements. Alumni are annually employed at such organizations as the Schlumberger oilfield services company; such oil and gas companies as Gazprom, LUKOIL-West Siberia, Pokachevneftegaz, Giprotyumenneftegaz, Surgutneftegaz; the GP Prom-neftegazekologia engineering research company, the Fundamentstroyarkos construction company, Tyumen Research and Design Institute of Natural Gases, and other specialized enterprises.

Facilities and resources. The department has specialized learning laboratories. The university's library and information center has numerous periodicals related to geology and oil and gas development. Non-resident students are accommodated in a comfortable dormitory with a computer classroom with internet connection. There are gyms with trainers and sports equipment, a stadium and a skiing center, various assembly halls, which have all required equipment for hosting events.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake some fascinating internships: first-year student undertake an internship on the training ground in Sukhoy Log town (the Sverdlovsk Region), a picturesque place with unusual landscape: rivers and waterfalls, caves and rocks with abundance of mineral resources, so they can observe modern geological processes; second-year students undertake a geological survey internship in Khadyzhensk (the Krasnodar Territory) having a unique opportunity to investigate geological processes in the real world; third-year students go to Transbaikal, Novaya Chara settlement (the Chara basin) visiting Lake Baikal, studying permafrost, engineering objects of the cryolithic zone and their operation.

Employment prospects. Geological engineer, hydrogeological engineer, geocryologi-cal engineer.

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