Department of Defectology

Master’s program


BOROZINETS, Natalia Mikhailovna

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. International professional-public accreditation (2016).

North-Caucasus Federal University also offers a Bachelor's program in Special (Defectological) Education.

Teaching staff. The Master’s program includes four fields of study: Pedagogy and Psychology of Inclusive Education; Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Inclusive Education; Psychological and Pedagogical Rehabilitation of People with Special Healthcare Needs; Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling for People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Training is provided by two Doctors of Sciences, 16 Candidates of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences; six representatives of employers. The heads and leading specialists of Stavropol educational organizations are also engaged in the education process. The teachers undertake work placement and participate in professional development programs in Canada, Germany as well as in Moscow and Voronezh.

University partners within the educational program. General education institutions, social rehabilitation institutions, medical, psychological and pedagogical centers. The most important partners are the StavropolRehabilitationCenter for Children and Adolescents with Special Healthcare Needs; Kindergarten No.29 of Stavropol, etc. The university maintains business relationships with Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, MoscowStatePedagogicalUniversity, Southern Federal University, FarEasternFederalUniversity, University of Manitoba (Canada), University of Oxford (Great Britain), and others.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Alumni are in great demand at educational organizations implementing inclusive education and upbringing of children with special healthcare needs.

Students are winners of all-Russian and international contests, olympiads, and forums and holders of scholarships of the Russian Federation President, the Stavropol Territory Governor and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.

Facilities and resources. NCFU has all facilities and resources for educating students and developing their personal and creative potential. Medical care, housing and catering services are provided; there is a sports and recreation center.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake their internship at preschool and school education institutions implementing inclusive internship of children and adolescents with special healthcare needs, and rehabilitation centers of the StavropolTerritory. Students can study according to individual education plans.

Employment prospects. Special education teacher (in particular, for people with autistic spectrum disorders), inclusive education consultant, rehabilitation consultant at general-purpose educational organizations, rehabilitation, diagnostic centers, psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation services, in children’s homes, kindergartens and residential schools.

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