Department of Transportation and Technological Facilities

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Master’s program


MERDANOV, Shakhbuba Magomedkerimovich

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. The winner of the all-Russian project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia.

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TECHNOLOGY OF TRANSPORT PROCESSES - Bachelor’s programMaster’s program


Teaching staff. Training is provided by the teaching staff including three Doctors of Sciences and nine Candidates of Sciences. The average age of teachers is 42. Over the last five years they have published 140 articles, 35 articles approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. The teachers participated in 20 grants (won nine grants), filed 47 applications for patents of the Russian Federation. Twenty-eight student scientific papers participated in various conferences and contests.

University partners within the educational program. Partner enterprises: the Surgutneftegaz oil and gas company; the Tyumen Oil Company; the Servisimporttehnika company selling spare parts for special-purpose machinery; the Tyumen Expert Center, the Road Management and Operation Office of the Central Administrative District, the Road Management and Operation Office of the Kalinin Administrative District, the Yalutorovskoe road maintenance and construction department, the Yarkovskoe road maintenance and construction department, the Avtodor road transport company, the Tyumen Car Center Gas Autoholding, the Avto-Dina car dealer, the Tyumengazstroymash road company, the Promzheldortrans-Tyumen construction company, the Sibnefteprovod oil trunk pipeline operator, the Tyumenremdormash road construction company, the Tyumen House-Building Company, the Directorate of Mechanization-15, the Dorozhnik road construction enterprise, the Lift Modern installation company.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students do research and choose themes for course research papers and graduation theses. Students annually participate in research and student conferences, in the V.I. Muravlenko Contest of Student Works. All students and their tutors visit the Transport System international exhibition. Over 100 student works won various conferences and contests. All alumni are employed within their degree field.

Alumni of the department include holders of the title of Honored Master of Sports and prize winners of the Olympic Games.

Facilities and resources. The facilities and resources include multimedia and computer classrooms, learning laboratories and specialized classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment and devices. The department actively utilizes training models of gantry and column cranes, a mobile repair workshop and the Mustang skidsteer. Students can benefit from 14 student associations, over 100 studios, clubs and on-stage performance groups, 32 specialized sports clubs. The university has 13 comfortable dormitories.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake all kinds of internships as part of both comprehensive agreements with the enterprises (seven organizations) and individual agreements.

Employment prospects. The department trains multi-discipline specialists for oil and gas enterprises, design offices and research institutes, for organizations and firms constructing various facilities: industrial and residential buildings, highways, pipelines, aerodromes, etc.

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