Best Educational Programs: CHEMISTRY


Faculty of Chemistry


Master’s programme


MOROZ, Alexander Anikeevich



Programme presentation. The main objective of the programme is to provide quality, fundamental and professional education and training of competitive specialists in the sphere of chemistry who can perform tasks in production, research and pedagogical sphere.

One of the peculiarities of this programme is a combination of profound education with research especially at the level of the Master’s programme. The Faculty carries out different activities in modern branches of chemistry such as receipt and study of nanoscale materials and explosion processes, synthesis of complex organic compounds and others. Students take an active part in all these activities. Research laboratories of the Faculty are supplied with modern scientific equipment, which helps to carry out the study process and research at a high level. The graduates of the Faculty have an opportunity to continue education in a Postgraduate programme.

The great majority of the profile study courses include research findings and modern educational technologies and are supplied with original author textbooks.

Kemerovo State University offers one more best educational program in the field of Natural Sciences:

BIOLOGY - Bachelor’s program

Teaching staff. The teaching staff comprises a corresponding member of RAS and 11 Doctors of Science. Almost all teachers have academic degrees. On the basis of the Faculty there is a Dissertation Advisory Committee.

Competitiveness of students. Students of the Faculty take an active part and place high in regional and federal subject Olympiads. The Faculty has also arranged all-Russian student Olympiads many times.

Interaction with employers. Established contacts with chemical institutions and enterprises of Kuzbas contribute to work experience of graduates. Students have work experience and then obtain employment in such enterprises as JSC “Azot”, LLC “Tokem” and others. The Faculty maintains close cooperation with the Institute of Coal-chemistry and Material Science of the Kemerovo Research Centre of the Siberian Branch of RAS, has joint research laboratories and conducts joint research events. On the basis of the laboratory of the Institute students have work experience and carry out research. Many students continue education in the Postgraduate programme of the Institute and become its staff scientists.

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