Department of Data Collection and Data Processing Systems

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


PROKHORENKO, Evgeny Valerievich

Head of Department


Programme presentation. The main objective of the educational programme consists in training specialists with field-specific knowledge in the spheres of research; developing, designing and marketing medical equipment and products; maintenance service and repair, engineering tests and certification of medical equipment and products.

The graduate department has a laboratory for creating therapeutic control systems based on bioactive communication; a research and manufacturing complex for production of surgical equipment. The Department has in place a Medico-technical engineering centre, which has been set up to organize the transfer of research results and development work into production of innovative medical equipment and products for medical use.

Upon completion of Master’s programme there is a possibility to continue education in postgraduate training programme at the University with a degree in “Equipment, systems and products for medical use”.

Teaching staff. The Department of Data Collection and Data Processing Systems is a coordinator of the research and education centre “Biomedical systems, equipment and technologies”. 58 educationalists are engaged in training specialists and research and development work in fundamental and applied spheres in the area of biomedical engineering. Among them there are 17 Doctors of Sciences and 8 Candidates of Sciences of the Research Institute of Medical Engineering.

Competitiveness of students. Graduates of the programme are much-in-demand by companies in the sphere of development, production and marketing of medical systems, in research institutes as research engineers, in health care centres as specialists in technical service and effective medical system operation in Russia, Europe and USA.

Interaction with employers. Currently in the framework of the cluster infrastructure of the HEI together with designated Russian companies the following integration activities are carried out: development of robotic centres for surgery and mechatronic medical equipment; development of surgical tables for different areas of medicine; development of optoelectronic ophthalmological equipment; development of high-technology therapeutic equipment controlled by biological parameters.

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